Volume 37, Number 2, November 2020

123       Biographies in stone: Colonial rock art in northern Uruguay
Leonel Cabrera Pérez and Primitiva Bueno Ramírez (Uruguay and Spain)

137       Understanding the perception and appropriation of space in Palaeolithic decorated caves: new methods and tools, with the examples of Cussac and Lascaux caves
Armance Jouteau, Valérie Feruglio, Delphine Lacanette, Samuel Carré, Nicolas Noé and Jacques Jaubert (France)

155       On the relationship between the Cangyuan rock art in Yunnan, China, and the Pha Taem rock art in Laos
Xiao Bo (China)

167       A complex rock art object in the Ukrainian steppe
Simon Radchenko, Nadezhda Kotova, Dmytro Nykonenko, Viktor Dzhos, Anatoliy Volkov, Oleg Tuboltsev and Dmytro Kiosak (Ukraine and Italy)

184       Rock art relatedness and circulation paths in northeast Patagonia, Argentina
Natalia Carden, Florencia Borella and Marcelo Cardillo (Argentina)

204       The Buffaroo: a ‘first-sight’ depiction of introduced buffalo in the rock art of western Arnhem Land, Australia
Sally K. May, Duncan Wright, Inés Domingo Sanz, Joakim Goldhahn and Gabriel Maralngurra (Australia, Spain and Sweden)

217       The roles of tribology in palaeoart study
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

228       Brief Reports
228       Newly discovered petroglyphs in Kyzyl Dara gorge, western Tian Shan, Uzbekistan; by M. Leloch, M. Kot, K. Szymczak, M. M. Khujanazarov and A. N. Kholmatov (Poland and Uzbekistan)
231       Petroglyphs at Koh Elias and Chāh Langi in Isfahan, central Iran; by Abbas Ali Ahmadi (Iran)
233       Bānarwāna rockshelter: new-found rock art in Kurdistan province, western Iran; by Amir Saed Mucheshi and Seyed Morteza Rahmati (Iran)
235       Kimberley critters: objects, lines and ‘animal associates’ in Gwion period rock art; by Michael P. Rainsbury (United Kingdom)
238       Orientating the IFRAO Standard Scale; by Darrell Lewis (Australia)
239       RAR Review: Recent rock art journals

240       IFRAO Report No. 62
240       New members of IFRAO


Volume 37, Number 1, May 2020

3        John ‘Jack’ Henry Steinbring (1929–2019), by Robert G. Bednarik

5        Discovery of new type of cave rock paintings in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China
Li Man, Shi Lanying, Wu Xiaohua and Tang Huisheng (China)

19       Rockshelter development on the Arnhem Land plateau (Australia) and its implications for rock art research
G. Gunn, L. C. Douglas and R. L. Whear (Australia)

35      New painted rock art sites in Alor Island, eastern Indonesia, support a diversity of artistic traditions in the Late Holocene
Pratiwi Yuwono, Mahirta, Sue O’Connor, Shimona Kealy, Adam Black and Stuart Hawkins (Indonesia and Australia)

46       Review of Tibetan rock art research
Tang Longhao (China)

53       New evidence for a Bronze Age date of chariot depictions in the Eurasian steppe
Gino Caspari, Timur Sadykov, Jegor Blochin, Matthias Bolliger and Sönke Szidat (Australia, Switzerland and Russia)

59       Mobiliary art of Pampacolca, Peru: a palaeoart unique in the world
Jesus E. Cabrera (U.S.A.)

67       The 2017 rock art mission in Hubei Province, China
Tang Huisheng, Jin Anni, Li Man, Fan Zhiyan, Liu Weipeng, Giriraj Kumar and Robert G. Bednarik (China, India and Australia)

74       The 2018 and 2019 rock art expeditions to Lianyungang, east China
Jin Anni and Chao Ge (China)

82       Rock art and rock climbing: an escalating conflict
G. Gunn, J. R. Goodes, A. Thorn, C. Carlyle and L. C. Douglas (Australia)

95       Brief Reports
95       Drawing a line in the sand, by Charles W. Helm, Hayley C. Cawthra, Jan C. De Vynck, Carina J. Z. Helm, Renée Rust and Willo Stear (South Africa and Canada)
99       Preliminary report of newly rediscovered rock art site Damirgaya, southern Georgia, by Levan Losaberidze and Mariam Eloshvili (Georgia)
102      Antiquity of Iran’s rock art: pre-History or Historic-Islamic time? By Sirvan Mohammadi Ghasrian (Iran)
106      The petroglyphs of Kal Husseina in Nehbandān, eastern Iran, by Hamid Reza Ghorbani and Sara Sadeghi (Iran)

109      RAR Review
109      Book reviews by Ahmed Achrati, R. G. Gunn, R. G. Bednarik and H. Denise Smith
116      Recent rock art journals
117      Recent books of interest
117      Recent papers of interest

119      Orientation
119      ICRAD invites data deposition, by Robert G. Bednarik
120      A new transdisciplinary journal


Volume 36, Number 2, November 2019

131      Scribbling the walls: children’s contribution to the rock art of Peruaçu Valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Tania Andrade Lima, Lilian Panachuk and Daniel Cruz (Brazil)

148      Scientific study of the cupules in Daraki-Chattan Cave and nearby
Giriraj Kumar, Ram Krishna and Robert G. Bednarik (India and Australia)

157      The 2018 expedition to Fangcheng cupule sites in central China
Jin Anni and Chao Ge (China)

164      A multi-analytical study of rock paintings from Leandro 5 megalithic barrows, north-western Portugal
César Oliveira, Ana M. S. Bettencourt, Luís Gonçalves, M. Isabel Caetano Alves, André T. Ribeiro, Aléssia Barbosa, Maria Martín-Seijo, Jorge Ribeiro, Jorge Guedes and Cristina Delerue-Matos (Portugal and Spain)

173      Rock art, mining and Indigenous well-being in the Lower Hunter Valley: the outlook from Baiame Cave
Jillian Huntley (Australia)

182      In search of the ATR-FTIR signatures of experimentally mixed ingredients presumably used in pre-Historic rock art
Sara Garcês, Hugo Gomes, Lydia Haddab, Pedro Cura and Pierluigi Rosina (Portugal and France)

189      The importance of conserving rock art: a conversation at the Jibbon petroglyph site, Royal National Park, Australia
Shayne Williams, Tanya Koeneman and Paul S. C. Taçon (Australia)

199      ‘This is my father’s painting’: a first-hand account of the creation of the most iconic rock art in Kakadu National Park
Sally K. May, Josie Gumbuwa Maralngurra, Iain G. Johnston, Joakim Goldhahn, Jeffrey Lee, Gabrielle O’Loughlin, Kadeem May, Christine Ngalbarndidj Nabobbob, Murray Garde and Paul S. C. Taçon (Australia and Sweden)

214      Identification of organic binders in pre-Historic pigments through multiproxy archaeometric analyses from the Toca do Paraguaio and Boqueirão da Pedra Furada shelters (Serra da Capivara National Park, Piauí, Brazil)
Hugo Gomes, Pierluigi Rosina, Niéde Guidon, Cristiane Buco, Thalison dos Santos, Lisa Volpe, Carmela Vaccaro, George H. Nash and Sara Garcês (Portugal, Brazil and Italy)

222        Brief Reports
222        Results from the first phase of rock art survey in the Swaga Swaga Game Reserve (Tanzania) by Maciej Grzelczyk (Poland)
224        Palaeoart microtopography, by Jesus E. Cabrera (U.S.A.)
227        Natural or artificial: Fujian rock markings, by Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)
230        Niah cupules discovered in 2012 and 2014 are subject of ongoing research: reply to Zhang, by Paul S. C. Taçon, Mohammad Sherman Sauffi, Ipoi Datan and Darren Curnoe (Australia and Indonesia)
232        Rock paintings and dendroglyphs: Aeneas Gunn in north-west Australia, by Michael P. Rainsbury (United Kingdom)
236        RAR Review
236        Book reviews by Duncan Caldwell, Giriraj Kumar, Jin Anni, Natalie R. Franklin and Michael Eastham
244        Recent rock art journals
245        Recent books of interest
246        Recent papers of interest
247        IFRAO Report No. 60
247        New members of IFRAO — Public statement by the Brazilian Rock Art Association
248        Addendum


Volume 36, Number 1, May 2019

3        Editorial: Clarifying editorial policies — The peer review system

5         Connecting to the ancestors: why rock art is important for Indigenous Australians and their well-being
Paul S. C. Taçon (Australia)

15        Journeys in Stone Age rock art and its research history in northernmost Europe
Jan Magne Gjerde (Norway)

29        The Green River bighorn sheep horned headdress, San Rafael Swell, Utah
Alan P. Garfinkel, Tim Riley, Renee Barlow, Chester King, Alexander Rogers, Robert Yohe II, Paul Goldsmith and Marissa Molinar (U.S.A.)

43        Advances in microerosion analysis
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

49        Australian Rock Art Bibliography extracted from the Rock Art Studies Bibliographic Database for the years 1841 to 2018 — part 2
Leigh Marymor (U.S.A.)

94        Ancient ‘sanctuaries’ of west Transbaikalia, Siberia
I. Tashak and Yu. E. Antonova (Russia)

108       Brief Reports
108       Nargeseh: newly found rock art in Lorestan Province, western Iran, by Mohamad Bahrami and Mousa Sabzi (Iran)
110       An occurrence of appliqué in Wardaman rock art, by R. G. Gunn, D. M. Lee and L. C. Douglas (Australia)
113       Cupules discovered in Niah Cave, Sarawak, Malaysia, by Zhang Jiaxin (China)
115      About the discovery of Al Jawf ‘camel figures’ in Saudi Arabia, by Majeed Khan (Saudi Arabia)
117       RAR Review
117       Book reviews by Patricia A. Helvenston, David M. Welch and Fritz E. G. Hardtke
122      Recent rock art journals
123      Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest
124      IFRAO Report No. 60
124      Minutes of the 2018 IFRAO Business Meeting
125      Report of the 20th International Rock Art Congress, IFRAO2018, ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Giants’, by Angelo E. Fossati
128      Regional chapter of the Peruvian Rock Art Association (APAR) established in Cusco


Volume 35, Number 2, November 2018

123      What is anthropogenic? On the cultural aetiology of geo-situated visual imagery in Indigenous Amazonia
Raoni Valle, Gori Tumi Echevarría-López, Poani Higino Tenório Tuyuka and Jairo Saw Munduruku (Brazil and Peru)

145      Eschewing bear tracks: fallacies, figure-stones and Fontmaure
Richard Wilson (United Kingdom)
With RAR Comments by James Harrod, Derek Hodgson, Ben Watson, Matthijs Vos and Robert G. Bednarik; with RAR Reply by the author

180     The rock art of Dahaisi cave, Soqotra, Yemen
Julian Jansen van Rensburg (Germany)

188     Australian Rock Art Bibliography extracted from the Rock Art Studies Bibliographic: database for the years 1841 to 2018 — part 1
Leigh Marymor (U.S.A.)

249     Brief Reports
249     Newly discovered petroglyphs near Chamchang, Chahar Mahall va Bakhtiari, Iran. Mahmood Heydarian and Alireza Khosrowzadeh (Iran)
251     Rock art site of Nakhlestān in Nehbandān, eastern central Iran. Hamid Reza Ghorbani and Mahmood Heydarian (Iran)
253     Token exchange and beads: the problem of reliable language. Mathias Aeschlimann (Switzerland)
254     Why not leave intangible aspects of Fennoscandian Stone Age hunters’ rock art alone? Otto Blehr (Sweden)


Volume 35, Number 1, May 2018

3    The complexity of Arnhem Land rock art complexes
G. Gunn, L. C. Douglas and R. L. Whear (Australia)

25    The 2015 rock art missions in China
Tang Huisheng, Giriraj Kumar, Jin Anni, Wu Jiacai, Liu Wuyi and Robert G. Bednarik (China, India and Australia)

35    Continuity in the rock art tradition of the Siberian lower Amur basin Irina A. Ponomareva (Russia)

47    A new recording and interpretation of the rock art of Angono, Rizal, Philippines
Andrea Jalandoni and Paul S. C. Taçon (Australia)

62    The cliff paintings of Pha Taem, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR
Noel Hidalgo Tan (Thailand)

79    Unusual painted anthropomorph in Lembata Island extends our understanding of rock art diversity in Indonesia
Sue O’Connor, Mahirta, Shimona Kealy, Julien Louys, Hendri A. F. Kaharudin, Antony Lebuan and Stuart Hawkins (Australia and Indonesia)

85    Direct dating of petroglyphs in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
Valdeci Santos Junior, Raoni Valle, Henri Lavalle, Daline Lima de Oliveira and Robert G. Bednarik (Brazil and Australia)

 98    Brief Reports
98     The ‘Ice Age art of Britain’ examined; by Richard Wilson
102   Rock art puzzle? Variation on a line; by Jan B. Deręgowski
103    Qorveh rock art in western Iran; by Jamal Lahafian and Ali Behnia
105    Two artefacts with cupules from Early Pleistocene terraces of the Rhine, Germany; by Christian Humburg
107    Artefacts and palaeoart: a reply to Humburg; by R. G. Bednarik
109    RAR Review
109    Book review by Giriraj Kumar
109    Recent rock art journals
110    Recent books of interest
111    Recent papers of interest
112    Orientation
112    The Second International Rock Art and Ethnography Conference; by Robert G. Bednarik
113    The First National Meeting on Moroccan Rock Art; by Mohamed Abioui, Lhassan M’Barki, Mohammed Benssaou and Mohamed Dades

115    The First Saudi Archaeology Convention; by Robert G. Bednarik
116    Pampacolca Gold Medal awarded
117    Forthcoming events — Early issues of RAR — Back issues
118    IFRAO Report No. 59
118    List of Business Meetings of IFRAO; compiled by Ludwig Jaffe


Volume 34, Number 2, November 2017

123   Editorial: The World Heritage List and rock art — Solving the Dampier controversy

130   Inadequacies of research used to monitor change to rock art and regulate industry on Murujuga (‘Burrup Peninsula’), Australia
John L. Black, Ilona Box and Simon Diffey (Australia)

149   From tracks to gesture-derived inscription: an Australian genealogy for ‘tracks and lines’ petroglyphs
Patricia Dobrez (Australia)

169   Pigment decoration of Palaeolithic anthropomorphous figurines from Siberia
L. V. Lbova and P. V. Volkov (Russia)

179   New rock art complex in Saudi Arabia
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia) and Majeed Khan (Saudi Arabia)

189   Bunyip, Bunjil and mother-in-law avoidance: new insights into the interpretation of Bunjils Shelter, Victoria, Australia
Ian D. Clark (Australia)

193   The Morellian method and its potential to rock art research
R. G. (ben) Gunn and Susan Lowish (Australia)

206   RAR Debate
206   Bednarik’s ‘Rock art and pareidolia’: role of psychological biases; by Derek Hodgson (United Kingdom)
206   Belated cognitive dissonance; by Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

208   Brief Reports
208   Rock art in Poland: contribution to discussion; by Maciej Grzelczyk, Krzysztof Rak and Michał Jakubczak (Poland)
211    Rock art watercolours: the Kimberley paintings of Hill and d’Emo; by Michael P. Rainsbury (United Kingdom)
215    Creating a digital rubbing from a 3D model of petroglyphs; by Robert Mark (U.S.A.)

218    RAR Review
218    Book review by Robert G. Bednarik
219    Recent rock art journals
220    Recent books of interest
220    Recent papers of interest

221    Orientation
221    IMPART research project symposium, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel, 20 December 2016; by Joshua Schmidt (Israel)
222    Letter to the Australian Heritage Council; by R. G. Bednarik
223    Pavel Červíček (1942–2015); by Lenka Varadzinová and B. Vachala (Czech Republic)
224    Rock Art Preservation Fund
225    Invitation to publish in Arts — Back issues — Electronic format of RAR
226    Thanks to RAR referees

229    IFRAO Report No. 58
229    20th IFRAO Congress, Italy 2018, Call for Papers
240    Rock art books


Volume 34, Number 1, May 2017

3   A report on the petroglyphs at Beeshoek near Postmasburg in central South Africa
Peter B. Beaumont (South Africa)

9   Beyond individual pleasure and rituality: social aspects of the musical bow in southern Africa’s rock art
Oliver Vogels and Tilman Lenssen-Erz (Germany)

25   Quilcas or rock art at the historic sanctuary of Machupicchu, Cusco, Peru: discovery and perspectives
Fernando Astete, Gori-Tumi Echevarría López and José Bastante Abuhadba (Peru)

40   The 2014 microerosion dating project in China
Tang Huisheng, Giriraj Kumar, Liu Wuyi, Xiao Bo, Yang Huiling, Zhang Jiaxin, Lu Xiao Hong, Yue Jianhua, Li Yingnian, Gao Wei and Robert G. Bednarik (China, India and Australia)

55     Rock art of the Esperance region and its place in the Noongar traditions of south-west Western Australia
G. Gunn, M. B. Mitchell and R. E Webb (Australia)

82     Megafauna identification for dummies: Arnhem Land and Kimberley ‘megafauna’ paintings
Darrell Lewis (Australia)

100   The pictograms of Agh Dash, Zanjan, north-western Iran
Abolfazl Aali (Iran)

106        Brief Reports
106         Perspective on perspective in Palaeolithic art; by Jan B. Deręgowski
107         Bichoun: newfound rock art at Boroujerd, Lorestan Province, western Iran; by Mousa Sabzi and Esmail Hemati Azandaryani

110        RAR Review
110        Recent rock art journals
111        Recent books of interest
112        Recent papers of interest

113        Orientation
113         Developing ICRAD; by Robert G. Bednarik
116         Call for support (ICRAD)

117        IFRAO Report No. 57
117          Second International Rock Art and Ethnography Conference (Cusco, Peru)
119          Is there palaeoart before modern humans? (Turin, Italy)
119          Standing on the shoulders of giants — IFRAO Congress 2018 (Valcamonica, Italy)
120          New members of IFRAO


Volume 33, Number 2, November 2016

127     3D documentation and use of DStretch for two new sites with post-Palaeolithic rock art in Sierra Morena, Spain
Francisco José López Fraile, Laura María Gómez García and Alfonso Caballero Klink (Spain)

143     Theoretical approaches to rock art studies
Livio Dobrez (Australia); with RAR Comments by Tilman Lenssen-Erz, Polly Schaafsma, Derek Hodgson and Susan Lowish; with RAR Reply by the author.

167      Rock art and pareidolia
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

182      Re-examining pictograms in the caves of Cagayan valley, Philippines
Marie Grace Pamela G. Faylona, Caroline Marie Q. Lising and Eusebio Z. Dizon (Philippines)

193      Ritual, ceremony and symbolism of archaic bighorn hunters of the eastern Mojave Desert:  Newberry Cave, California
Alan P. Garfinkel, Donald Austin, Adella Schroth, Paul Goldsmith and Ernest H. Siva (U.S.A.)

209      3D in the cave: hey young deer, why the long face (and no tail)?
Gianpiero di Maida (Germany)

219       Safaitic inscriptions and possible hunting scenes from the north-eastern Bādiya, Jordan
Mahdi Alzoubi, Sultan Al-Maani and Hussein Al-Qudrah (Jordan)
228       Forthcoming events

229       Brief Reports
229       Possible artistico-political ramifications of Neolithic and later cultural changes in human subsistence settlement; by Jason Randall Thompson
232        A rare ‘Wanjina’ cloud?; by Darrell Lewis
233        Cave pictograms in the southern Zagros Mountains, Fars, Iran; by Majid Mansouri and Kamal Lotfinasab
236         Enhancing faint pictograms in the field; by Jon Harman
238         Report on the UNESCO conference on rock art, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 30th and 31st May 2016; by George Nash

240       RAR Review
240       Book review by Frederick E. Hardtke
242       Book review by Robert G. Bednarik
243       Recent rock art journals
244       Recent books of interest
245       Recent papers of interest

246       IFRAO Report No. 56
246       18th International Rock Art Conference IFRAO 2015: ‘Symbols in the landscape: rock art and its
context’; by Hipólito Collado Giraldo and José Julio García Arranz


Volume 33, Number 1, May 2016

3      Microerosion dating of Xianju petroglyphs, Zhejiang Province, China
Jin Anni, Zhang Jiaxing, Xiao Bo and Tang Huisheng (China)

8      Battle and hunting scenes in Turkic rock art of the early Middle Ages in Altai
Nikita Konstantinov, Vasilii Soenov and Dimitry Cheremisin (Russia)

19     Naturalistic animals and hand stencils in the rock art of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, northwest China
Paul S. C. Taçon, Tang Huisheng and Maxime Aubert (Australia and China)

32      Hand stencils with and without narrowed fingers at two new rock art sites in Sulawesi, Indonesia
Adhi Agus Oktaviana, David Bulbeck, Sue O’Connor, Budianto Hakim, Suryatman, Unggul Prasetyo Wibowo, Emma St Pierre and Fakhri (Indonesia and Australia)

49      Forensic science of cupules
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

65      The petroglyphs of Dasht-e-Morghāb in the Fars Province of Iran
Ebrahim Karimi, Ali Taghva and Farhad Zarei Kurdshuli (Canada and Iran)

73      Writing memento or shamanism? Two different interpretations of Iran’s rock art
Sirvan Mohammadi Ghasrian (Iran)

79      Rock art in Portugal’s border area
João Carlos Caninas, Hugo Pires, Francisco Henriques and Mário Chambino (Portugal)

89      Strange grooves in the Pennines, United Kingdom
David Shepherd and Frank Jolley (United Kingdom)

98      Brief Reports
98      A newly discovered projectile point image at the Hensler Petroglyph Site; by Jack Steinbring
99      Forgotten images: Charles Price Conigrave and the Kimberley Exploring Expedition of 1911; by Michael P. Rainsbury
102    Free image-enhancement apps for iPad (LabStretch) and iPhone (LabStretch2); by Robert Mark and Evelyn Billo

104    RAR Review
104    Book review by Ahmed Achrati
108    Book review by Anne Solomon
108    Recent rock art journals
110     Recent books of interest
110     Recent papers of interest

111      Orientation
111      The International Centre of Rock Art Dating and Conservation (ICRAD); by R. G. Bednarik
112     Huashan nominated for World Heritage listing; by R. G. Bednarik
113     Centenary of modern rock art research in China: Beijing 2015; by Gori Tumi Echevarría López
114     IFRAO Congress 2015: Cáceres, Spain; by R. G. Bednarik
115     The 26th Valcamonica Symposium; by R. G. Bednarik
116     Rock art: a cultural treasure at risk
116     Cave art facsimiles; by Maxime Ferrier
117     Abstracts of recent Australian rock art theses

120    IFRAO Report No. 55
120    Minutes of the 2015 IFRAO Business Meeting
121     IFRAO Resolution 1
122    IFRAO Resolution 2 (The Cochabamba Manifest)
123    List of IFRAO Congresses  —  New members of IFRAO


Volume 32, Number 2, November 2015

131     Looking up and looking down: pigment chemistry as a chronological marker in the Sydney Basin rock art assemblage, Australia
Jillian Huntley (Australia)

146    Symbols by the sea: the first recording of Atlantic coastal rock art in Patagonia (Punta Odriozola, Río Negro, Argentina)
Natalia Carden and Florencia Borella (Argentina)

163    Concerning a cupule sequence on the edge of the Kalahari desert in South Africa
Peter B. Beaumont (South Africa) and Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

178    The implications of a new corpus of late Bronze Age petroglyphs in the Forêt de Fontainebleau for dating local rock art
Duncan Caldwell (France)

193    First record of painted rock art near Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia, and the origins and distribution of the Austronesian painting tradition
Sue O’Connor, Julien Louys, Shimona Kealy (Australia) and Mahirta (Indonesia)

202   Azandaryan: newfound petroglyphs in Hamadan, western Iran
Esmail Hemati Azandaryani, Yaghoub Mohamadifar, Alireza Hejebri Nobari and Hamid Khanali (Iran)

207   The seated figures of the Rio Grande de Nasca drainage: defining a descriptive type in the rock art of the Department of Ica, Peru
Ana Nieves (U.S.A.)

219   The Kalatrancani petroglyph complex, central Bolivia
Roy Querejazu Lewis, David Camacho (Bolivia) and Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

231   Brief Reports
231   Representation of scarification on the Venus of Hohle Fels, by Natalie R. Franklin and Phillip J. Habgood
233  The use of natural features in the rock art of Ngaut Ngaut (Devon Downs), South Australia, and beyond, by Amy Roberts, Isobelle Campbell, Natalie Franklin and the Mannum Aboriginal Community Association Inc. (MACAI)
238  Natural features in rock art: a response to Roberts et al., by Robert G. Bednarik
240  Preliminary study of rock art at Negaran valley in Baluchistan, Iran, by Hossein Sarhaddi-Dadian, Hossein Moradi and Mojtaba Soltani
244  First record of the Indonesian short-finned eel (Anguilla bicolour) in Arnhem Land rock art, by Darrell Lewis

249  RAR Review
249  Recent rock art journals
249  Recent books of interest
249  Recent papers of interest

251   IFRAO Report No. 54
251   The Cochabamba Manifesto. Rock art protection and policies of development in South American countries: concerns from the First International Congress of Rock Art and Ethnography held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, between 23 and 26 September 2014.


Volume 32, Number 1, May 2015

3       Pleistocene fauna depictions in American palaeoart
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia); with RAR Comments by Patricia A. Helvenston, Polly Schaafsma, Jason R. Thompson, D. Clark Wernecke and Mary L. Gillam; with RAR Reply by the author.

31      Rock art, technique and technology: an exploratory study of hunter-gatherer and agrarian communities in pre-Hispanic Chile (500 to 1450 CE)
Francisco Vergara and Andrés Troncoso (Chile)

46      Acoustic rock art landscapes: a comparison between the acoustics of three Levantine rock art areas in Mediterranean Spain
Margarita Díaz-Andreu and Carlos García Benito (Spain)

63      Rock art and art history: exploring disciplinary perspectives
Susan Lowish (Australia)

75       A ‘port scene’, identity and rock art of the inland southern Kimberley, Western Australia
Jane Balme and Sue O’Connor (Australia)

84       Psilocybin-containing mushrooms, Upper Palaeolithic rock art and the neuropsychological model
Patricia A. Helvenston (U.S.A.); with RAR Comment by Tom Froese; and RAR Reply by the author.

116      Brief Report
116      The petroglyphs of Qameshlu National Park, central Iran; by Ebrahim Karimi and Baharudin Ujang (Malaysia)

120      RAR Review
120      Recent rock art journals
120      Recent books of interest
121       Recent papers of interest

123      Orientation
123      Letter to the Editor — Rock Art Preservation Fund — Back issues
124      Australian cave art protection — Forthcoming events — Institutional subscriptions — Advertising — Life Time Members

126      IFRAO Report No. 53
126      Minutes of the 2014 IFRAO Business Meeting
127      The 2014 IFRAO Congress in China — The First International Rock Art and Ethnography Conference


Volume 31, Number 2, November 2014

131      Archaic modernity vs the High Priesthood: on the nature of unstable archaeological/palaeoanthropological orthodoxies
Jason Randall Thompson (U.S.A.), with RAR Comments by Ahmed Achrati, Robert G. Bednarik, Tony Convey, Robert B. Eckhardt, Maciej Henneberg, Anatole A. Klyosov, Oscar Moro Abadía, Roy Querejazu Lewis and Ian Tattersall; with RAR Reply by the author.

157      Images of relatedness: patterning and cultural contexts in Yanyuwa rock art, Sir Edward Pellew Islands, SW Gulf of Carpentaria, northern Australia
Liam M. Brady and John J. Bradley (Australia)

177      Understanding the technology of the Daraki-Chattan cupules: the cupule replication project
Giriraj Kumar and Ram Krishna (India)

187      Enigmatic engraved images found in the pre-Historic rock art of the Sahara
Susan Searight-Martinet (Morocco) and François Soleilhavoup (France)

199      Newly found pictograms from Abdozou rockshelter, Firouzabad, southern Zagros, Iran
Taher Ghasimi, Cyrus Barfi and Reza Norouzi (Iran)

205      The role of rock art in early state formation
Arnaud F. Lambert (U.S.A.)

225      Mud-wasp nests and rock art
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

232      RAR Debate
232      Neoteny, female hominin and cognitive evolution, by Ahmed Achrati
239      The role of male and female in reproduction, and understanding of sexual selection when applied to human artistic propensities, by M. A. C. Varella, J. H. B. P. Ferreira and A. A. L. de Souza

244      Brief Reports
244      Historical vandalism and ‘graffiti’ at Ngaut Ngaut (Devon Downs), South Australia, by Amy Roberts, Natalie Franklin, Isobelle Campbell and the MACAI
247      Joseph Bradshaw’s ‘lost’ watercolours found, by Michael P. Rainsbury

249      RAR Review
249      Book review by Dirk Huyge
251      Recent rock art journals
252      Recent books of interest
252      Recent papers of interest

255      Orientation
255      US$2.3 million: the largest fine in Chilean history for damage to the archaeological heritage, by Patricio Bustamante Díaz
256      Saudi Arabian sites proposed for World Heritage listing, by R. G. Bednarik


Volume 31, Number 1, May 2014

3 Gwion artists and Wunan Law: the origin of society in Australia
Jeff Doring with Paddy Nyawarra (Australia)

14 The little-known Fitzmaurice region ‘wine-red’ pictograms
Graeme K. Ward and Mark Crocombe (Australia)

31 What’s in a name? Towards a nomenclature for Gwions (‘Bradshaws’)
Mike Donaldson (Australia)

36 Nguat Ngaut (Devon Downs) petroglyphs reconsidered
Amy Roberts, Natalie Franklin, Isobelle Campbell and the Mannum Aboriginal Community Association Inc. (MACAI) (Australia)

47 Exograms
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

63 Finger-counting in the Upper Palaeolithic
Karenleigh A. Overmann (U.S.A.)

81 The impact of a colonial road on the rock art of northern Mexico
Fernando Berrojalbiz (Mexico)

92 A scientific study of a new cupule site in Jabiluka, western Arnhem Land
Duncan Wright, Sally K. May, Paul S. C. Taçon and Birgitta Stephenson (Australia)

101 Brief Reports
101 ‘Interpreting’ polychrome paintings using DStretch, by R. G. Gunn, L. C. Douglas and R. L. Whear
104 Morricone del Pesco rockshelter, a new rock art discovery in southern Italy, by Dario Sigari and Carlo Peretto
107 Data and interpretation in the Côa valley, Portugal, by Robert G. Bednarik
110 Proposed age of recently discovered petroglyphs of Iran’s Toos Plain, by Elyas Saffaran and Zahra Mozhdekanloo
112 The role of engraved inscriptions in the dating of Iranian rock art, by Sirvan Mohammadi Ghasrian, Mozhgan Khanmoradi and Taher Ghasimi
115 Forthcoming events

116 RAR Review
116 Book reviews by Livio Dobrez and Robert G. Bednarik
118 Recent rock art journals
121 Recent books of interest
122 Recent papers of interest

123 Orientation
123 IFRAO Congress 2014, China: important announcements
126 Rock Art Symposium in Brazil

127 IFRAO Report No. 52
127 Minutes of the 2013 IFRAO Business Meeting: Albuquerque, U.S.A., 31 May 2013


Volume 30, Number 2, November 2013

139 Rock art stories: standard narratives and their alternatives
Oscar Moro Abadía (Canada), with RAR Comments by Barbara Olins Alpert, J. B. Deręgowski, Ellen Dissanayake, Livio Dobrez, Patricia Dobrez, Patricia A. Helvenston, Derek Hodgson, John Onians, Denise Smith and
Robert G. Bednarik; with RAR Reply by the author.

174 Western Saharan sculptural families and the possible origins of the Osiris-Horus cycle
Duncan Caldwell (France)

197 Megafauna depictions in Australian rock art
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

216 Some forthcoming publications in RAR

217 The ‘Ngar-mimi’ motif from the Arnhem Land plateau
R. G. Gunn, L. C. Douglas and R. L. Whear (Australia)

235 Firearms in rock art of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia
Daryl Wesley (Australia)

248 Brief Reports
248 ‘Mr Bradshaw’s drawings’: reassessing Joseph Bradshaw’s sketches, by Michael P. Rainsbury
253 New discoveries of rock art in Badalin Caves, Myanmar, by Yee Yee Aung
254 Corrigendum, by Ahmed Achrati
254 Virtual washing, by Jean-Loïc Le Quellec

255 Orientation
255 AURA turns thirty, by R. G. Bednarik
256 Siega Verde: a bungled submission to the World Heritage List, by R. G. Bednarik
258 First International Rock Art and Ethnography Conference — Rock Art Preservation Fund — Invitation to publish in Arts
259 Back issues — Electronic format of RAR — Please recommend institutional subscriptions — Advertising — Thanks to RAR referees
261 Forthcoming events — New members of AURA

262 IFRAO Report No. 51
262 The silver jubilee of IFRAO: a success story, by Robert G. Bednarik


Volume 30, Number 1, May 2013

3 Rock art, perspectival representation and mirror neurons
Ahmed Achrati (U.S.A.)

22 The Huashan rock art site (China): the sacred meeting place for sky, water and earth, Gao Qian (Spain)

33 Tracing the emergence of palaeoart in sub-Saharan Africa
Peter B. Beaumont and Robert G. Bednarik (South Africa, Australia)

55 Wurdi Youang: an Australian Aboriginal stone arrangement with possible solar indications Ray P. Norris, Cilla Norris, Duane W. Hamacher and Reg Abrahams (Australia)

67 Which way do we go? A story-based approach to archaeological interpretation of the rock art of Castle Rock, Chillagoe, north Queensland, Australia
W. Galiina Ellwood, Nicola B. Winn, John B. Campbell and Owen C. Ray (Australia)

75 Rock art animals in profile: visual recognition and the principles of canonical form
Livio Dobrez and Patricia Dobrez (Australia)

91 Rock art and narrative
Margaret Bullen (Australia)

97 Molluscs and fish in the rock art of the coast, estuary and hinterland of the Woronora Plateau, N.S.W.
Caryll Sefton (Australia)

103 The place of rock art in Egyptian Predynastic iconography — some examples from the fauna
Frederick E. Hardtke (Australia)

115 Brief Reports
115 A phylogenetic approach of mythology and its archaeological consequences, by Julien d’Huy
118 A brief note on archaeological superposition at the Hensler Petroglyph Site (47DO461), Dodge County, Wisconsin, U.S.A., by Jack Steinbring
120 Abstract and geometrical figurative patterns in Peruvian rock art, the first writing in the Americas?, by Gori Tumi Echevarría López

125 RAR Review
125 Book reviews by Ahmed Achrati and Robert G. Bednarik
127 Recent rock art journals
129 Recent books of interest
129 Recent papers of interest

130 Orientation
130 Final victory at Murujuga imminent, by R. G. Bednarik
131 Tasmanian spring, by R. G. Bednarik
132 International Conference on Rock Art, New Delhi 2012, by R. G. Bednarik
133 3D rock art PDF — Proceedings of the IFRAO Congress 2010, Tarascon, France — Letter to the Editor — Forthcoming events

134 IFRAO Report No. 50
134 New member of IFRAO — 2014 congress in China — The International Conference on Rock Art 2012, New Delhi, India: moving forward to a new vision of rock art, by Gori Tumi Echevarría L.


Volume 29, Number 2, November 2012

139 The deteriorating preservation of the Altai rock art: assessing three-dimensional image-based modelling in rock art research and management
Gertjan Plets, Geert Verhoeven, Dimitry Cheremisin, Ruth Plets, Jean Bourgeois, Birger Stichelbaut, Wouter Gheyle and Jeroen De Reu (Belgium, Russia, Northern Ireland)

156 About RAR

157 New discovery of rock art and megalithic sites in the Central Plain of China
Tang Huisheng (China)

171 Oh dear! No deer!
David M. Welch (Australia)

179 Two southern African rock art sites as indicators of ancient migratory routes
Piet van Rooyen (Namibia)

187 Discovery of cave art in the province of Fars, southern Iran
Leila Fazel and Sajjad Alibaigi (Iran)

191 Traces of the ancients: ethnographic vestiges of Pleistocene ‘art’
R. G. Bednarik and M. Sreenathan (Australia, India)

219 RAR Debate
219 The parasitic nature of ‘art’: response to Varella et al. and associated commentaries, by Derek Hodgson
221 ‘Parasitic’ is a lousy way to describe the active nature of art, by Ellen Dissanayake
223 But what exactly is the aesthetic?, by Livio Dobrez
225 Perfectionism: examples of human aesthetic ‘artification’ from deep in the archaeological record, by Patricia A. Helvenston
227 Considering both proximal and distal explanations for (rock) art production and appreciation as fruitful, by M. A. C. Varella, A. A. L. de Souza and J. H. B. P. Ferreira
229 The lure of the arts, reply by Derek Hodgson
233 2012 AURA Inter-Congress Symposium

234 Brief Reports
234 Early rock art at the Upper Sand Island Site near Bluff, Utah, United States: addenda et corrigenda, by Ekkehart Malotki
238 An example of stencil masking from the Arnhem Land Plateau, by R. G. Gunn, L. C. Douglas and R. L. Whear
241 Rock art at the ‘Mini-Yengo’ site near Kulnura, New South Wales, by Duane W. Hamacher, John K. Clegg and Robert C. Pankhurst
244 U-Th analysis and rock art: a response to Pike et al., by Robert G. Bednarik

247 RAR Review
247 Deciphering ancient minds: the mystery of San Bushman rock art. A critical book review, by Patricia A. Helvenston
256 Book reviews by Harold Fromm, Robert G. Bednarik, Michael Eastham and Mike Donaldson
264 Recent rock art journals
266 Recent books of interest
267 Recent papers of interest

269 Orientation: Help sought

270 IFRAO Report No. 49
270 Minutes of the 2012 IFRAO Business Meeting
271 SIARB-IFRAO Congress 2012, by Matthias Strecker
271 Proposal for rock art protection, by Patricio Bustamante Díaz


Volume 29, Number 1, May 2012

3 The body and the brain: neuroscience and the representation of anthropomorphs in palaeoart
Ben Watson (Australia)

19 Engraved memory: petroglyphs and collective memory at Los Mellizos, Illapel, Chile
Felipe Armstrong Bruzzone (Chile)

35 Rock art and pre-Historic ritual behaviour: a landscape and acoustic approach
Gregory E. Williams (U.S.A.)

47 The ‘polished’ petroglyphs of north Norway: some methodological remarks regarding location and age
K. J. Sognnes (Norway)

59 The use of weathering indices in rock art science and archaeology
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

85 Organisation of a petroglyph complex at Creysseilles (Ardèche, France)
Philippe Hameau (France)

93 Elemental characterisation of pre-Hispanic rock art and arsenic in northern Chile
Marcela Sepúlveda, Eric Laval, Lorena Cornejo and Jorge Acarapi (Chile)

109 RAR Debate
109 Pseudoscience in rock art studies, by Patricia A. Helvenston
110 Response to Patricia Helvenston, by Margaret Bullen

113 Brief Reports
113 The petroglyphs of Dowzdaghi, north-western Iran, by Kamal Aldin Niknami, Mehdi Kazempur and Nasir Eskandari
115 Two Kakadu headdresses, by David M. Welch

118 Orientation
118 Bibliography of rock art dating
Marvin W. Rowe (U.S.A.)
132 Remembering George
Mike Smith (Australia)
135 Forthcoming events

136 IFRAO Report No. 48
136 First International Rock Art and Ethnography Conference — New member of IFRAO


Volume 28, Number 2, November 2011

143 Columbian mammoth petroglyphs from the San Juan River near Bluff, Utah, United States
Ekkehart Malotki and Henry D. Wallace (U.S.A.)

153 Evolutionary aesthetics and sexual selection in the evolution of rock art aesthetics
Marco Antônio Corrêa Varella, Altay Alves Lino de Souza and José Henrique Benedetti Piccoli Ferreira (Brazil); with RAR Comments by Benjamin Watson, Patricia A. Helvenston, Livio Dobrez, Ellen Dissanayake, Duncan Caldwell, Ahmed Achrati and Robert G. Bednarik; with RAR Reply by the authors.

187 What the ‘animal’ rock art images of the Eastern Desert of Egypt tell us about the people who drew them
Tony Judd (United Kingdom)

197 Mobile and settled: the petroglyphs of Helankou, Ningxia, western China
Paola Demattè (U.S.A.)

211 A tentative sequence and chronology for Checta, Peru
Gori Tumi Echevarría López (Peru)

225 Eastern Arrernte rock art and land tenure
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

241 The petroglyphs of Gundungurra country
Jim Smith and Paul Jennings (Australia)

251 Visitor books in the management of rock art sites: an evaluation using Carnarvon Gorge as a test case
Natalie R. Franklin (Australia)

265 Brief Reports
265 GigaPan panoramas for rock art panel documentation: a practical guide, by Robert Mark and Evelyn Billo.
268 Mootha — a new cave art site near Mount Gambier: preliminary report, by Geoffrey D. Aslin
271 On the perceptual significance of detached horns in Bushmen’s depictions of animals: a note, by J. B. Deręgowski

273 RAR Review
273 Book reviews by Matthias Strecker and Philippe Hameau
274 Recent rock art journals
275 Recent book of interest
276 Recent papers of interest

278 Orientation
278 Eloy Linares Málaga, 1926 – 2011, by Gori Tumi Echevarría López
279 Back issues — Forthcoming events

280 IFRAO Report No. 47
280 International Congress: Archaeology and Rock Art — 25 years SIARB (La Paz, 2012)


Volume 28, Number 1, May 2011

3 Twenty-five years of Australian rock art research
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

7 The role of AIATSIS in research and protection of Australian rock art
Graeme K. Ward (Australia)

17 Dampier Archipelago: decades of development and destruction
Ken Mulvaney (Australia)

27 The Dampier campaign
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

35 Understanding the rocks: rock art and the geology of Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula)
Mike Donaldson (Australia)

45 Fire and rock art
David Lambert and Brad Welsh (Australia)

49 The effects of fire on the rock art of the Woronora Plateau
Caryll Sefton (Australia)

53 The impact of bushfires and fuel reduction burning on the preservation of shelter rock art
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

71 Rock art, perception and the subject/object binary
Livio Dobrez (Australia)

85 Characteristics of a pigment art sequence: Woronora Plateau, New South Wales
Jillian Huntley, Alan Watchman and Julie Dibden (Australia/U.S.A.)

99 Astronomical symbolism in Australian Aboriginal rock art
Ray P. Norris and Duane W. Hamacher (Australia)

107 ‘Rock paintings are stories’ — rock art and ethnography in the Laura (Quinkan) region,
Cape York Peninsula
Noelene Cole (Australia)

117 Creativity, mental disorder and Upper Palaeolithic cave art
Margaret Bullen (Australia)

123 Documenting natural and cultural places with 360° spherical images, panoramic and timelapse digital photography
John Goldsmith (Australia)

128 RAR Debate: Resolution: photography and the human eye, by Michael Eastham
130 Reply to Eastham, by R. G. Gunn

132 RAR Review: Book reviews by Matthias Strecker and Robert G. Bednarik
135 Recent rock art journals
136 Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

137 Orientation: Pleistocene Art of the World: Tarascon-sur-Ariège 2010
138 Jean Clottes honoured — Letter — Advertising — Forthcoming events

139 IFRAO Report No. 46
139 Minutes of the 2010 IFRAO Business Meeting, Tarascon-sur-Ariège
140 SIARB’s IFRAO Congress of 2012


Volume 27, Number 2, November 2010

131 A method to visually rationalise superimposed pigment motifs
R. G. Gunn, C. L. Ogleby, D. Lee and R. L. Whear (Australia)

137 Finger fluting and other cave art in Cumayasa, Dominican Republic
Daniel DuVall (U.S.A.)

147 The Hohle Fels ‘Venus’: some remarks on animals, humans and metaphorical relationships in early Upper Palaeolithic art
Martin Porr (Australia)
159 The members of IFRAO

161 Rock paintings of the Precordillera region of northern Chile
Marcela A. Sepúlveda R., Thibault Saintenoy and Wilfredo Faundes (Chile)

177 Cupules in Kurdistan rock art
Jamal Lahafian (Iran)

185 Djedefre’s Water Mountain: phases of degradation
Friedrich Berger (Germany)

195 Protection of Scandinavian rock art using marine clay
Eva Ernfridsson, Per Hagelia, Gro Anita Bårdseth, Tanaquil Enzensberger and Kristin Marie Berg (Sweden and Norway)

207 Australian papers from the Agra conference
Graeme K. Ward (Guest Editor)

210 The role of trance in the creation of rock art images
Margaret Bullen (Australia)

217 Developments in petroglyph dating
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

223 Dating of rock paintings in the Wadeye-Fitzmaurice region, Northern Territory
Alan Watchman, Graeme K. Ward, Mark Crocombe and Ken Mulvaney (Australia)

229 Rock paintings near Wadeye, Northern Territory: site management and educational aspects of research and tourism
Graeme K. Ward and Mark Crocombe (Australia)
237 The IFRAO Code of Ethics

239 Safeguarding the cave paintings in Lofoten, northern Norway
Terje Norsted (Norway)

251 RAR Debate: The contested Meenamatta petroglyphs, Tasmania, by R. G. Bednarik,
G. Andrews, S. Cameron, P. C. Sims and E. Bednarik

257 Brief Report: Recent excavation and recording program at the Llwydiarth Esgob Stone, Llandyfrydog, Anglesey, north Wales, by George Nash, Abby George, Adam Stanford and Thomas Wellicome

261 RAR Review: Book reviews by Giriraj Kumar and Yann-Pierre Montelle
264 Recent rock art journals
265 Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

267 Orientation: Rock art consultants register — Thanks to RAR referees
268 AURA Honour List
269 Diverse

271 IFRAO Report No. 45
271 Conference in Siberia — Rock Art Glossary: a multilingual dictionary
272 Palaeoart exhibition, Moscow


Volume 27, Number 1, May 2010

3 AMS radiocarbon ages for beeswax and charcoal pigments in north Kimberley rock art
M. J. Morwood, G. L. Walsh and A. L. Watchman (Australia)

9 ‘New’ rock art from Gua Tambun, Perak, Malaysia
Noel Hidalgo Tan and Stephen Chia (Malaysia)

19 Rock art conservation and termite management in Torres Strait, NE Australia
Liam M. Brady, Andrew Thorn, Ian J. McNiven and Theodore A. Evans (Australia)

35 Making sense of scenes
Sally K. May (Australia) and Inés Domingo Sanz (Spain)

43 Images that travel: Aguada rock art in north-central Chile
Andrés Troncoso and Donald Jackson (Chile); with RAR Comments by Natalia Carden, Dánae Fiore and Robert G. Bednarik; with RAR Reply by the authors

61 The neuropsychology of ‘animism’: implications for understanding rock art
Patricia A. Helvenston (U.S.A.) and Derek Hodgson (United Kingdom); with RAR Comments by J. B. Deręgowski, Paul S. C. Taçon, Benjamin Watson and Robert G. Bednarik; with RAR Reply by the authors

89 Australian rock art of the Pleistocene
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

115 RAR Review
115 Book review by Friedrich Berger
119 Recent rock art journals
120 Recent books and papers of interest

Broken Hill: AURA Inter-Congress Symposium 2009, by R. G. Bednarik
Consultants register of AURA
Letter to the Editor — PANDORA — Rock Art Preservation Fund – Forthcoming events – New members

IFRAO Report No. 44
New IFRAO member – Pleistocene art of the world


Volume 26, Number 2, November 2009

127 Anthropomorph symbols in Pecos River ‘style’ iconography
James B. Harrison III (U.S.A.)

139 Archaeology of rock art: a preliminary report of archaeological excavations at rock art sites in Colombia
Pedro María Argüello García (Colombia); with RAR Comments by Roy Querejazu Lewis, Gori Tumi Echevaría López, Natalia Carden, Andrés Troncoso, Diego Martínez Celis, Jack Steinbring, Judith Trujillo T., Guillermo Muñoz Castilblanco, Yann-Pierre Montelle and Robert G. Bednarik; with RAR Reply by the author

165 To be or not to be Palaeolithic, that is the question
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

179 Myth, ritual and rock art: Coso decorated animal-humans and the Animal Master
Alan P. Garfinkel, Donald R. Austin, David Earle and Harold Williams (Wokod)

199 Finger markings and the Willandra Lakes footprint site, south-eastern Australia
N. R. Franklin and P. J. Habgood (Australia)

205 Bushfire-induced heat and smoke patterns within an Aboriginal rock art shelter
R. G. Gunn and R. L. Whear (Australia); with Appendix by Michael J. Rowland

213 The ‘Llamas’ from Choquequirao: a 15th-century Cusco imperial rock art
Gori Tumi Echevarría López and Zenobio Valencia García (Peru)

225 RAR Debate
225 The IFRAO Standard Scale: a revision, by Gori Tumi Echevarrيa L.
226 Reply to Echevarría López, by Robert G. Bednarik
227 The petroglyph recording standards debate, by Richard W. Murison

228 RAR Review
228 Book review by Yann-Pierre Montelle
230 Recent rock art journal
231 Recent books and papers of interest

233 Orientation
233 Capivara 2009: a most enjoyable IFRAO Congress, by R. G. Bednarik
236 UNESCO and global rock art, by R. G. Bednarik
238 State of the art summary for UNESCO, by R. G. Bednarik
241 AURA Committee — AURA Honour List — Donations made to the Rock Art Preservation Fund
242 Academic ranking of RAR — New Editorial Board member — Electronic format of RAR — Forthcoming events
243 Hans (Juan) Schobinger 1928–2009, by Matthias Strecker

244 IFRAO Report No. 43
244 Chinese rock art museum opened (Chen Zhao Fu) — Minutes, 2009 IFRAO Business Meeting
247 Resolution of Capivara Congress — Pleistocene Art of the World
252 Five new IFRAO members


Volume 26, Number 1, May 2009

4 Editorial

7 Application of forensic methods to rock art investigations — a proposal
Yann-Pierre Montelle (New Zealand)

15 Style vs memetics: exploring some new ideas
Denise Smith (U.S.A.), with RAR Comments:
20 Notes on memetics, by Paul Faulstich
22 Memes and rock-art: an unproven and unpromising approach, by Christopher Chippindale, Bruno David and Paul S. C. Taçon
23 Memetic gymnastics in rock art research, by Andrea Stone
24 The selfish meme meme, by Livio Dobrez
25 Track Rock Gap in its archaeological and ethno-historical setting, by Johannes H. N. Loubser
27 Exploring some new ideas, RAR Reply by Denise Smith

29 Prints on the rocks: a study of the track representations from Piedra Museo locality (southern Patagonia)
Natalia Carden (Argentina)

43 Unravelling the Cowhead Mesa petroglyphs with 3-D laser scanning and high-resolution digital photography
Stance Hurst, Elizabeth Louden and Eileen Johnson (U.S.A.)

55 Experimental colorimetric analysis of petroglyphs
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

65 Palaeolithic whistles or figurines? A preliminary survey of pre-Historic phalangeal figurines
Duncan Caldwell (France)

83 Art and humans in confined space: reconsidering Solsem Cave, Norway
K. J. Sognnes (Norway)

95 The petroglyphs of Carschenna, Switzerland
Inge Diethelm and Heinz Diethelm (Switzerland)

99 Brief Reports
99 Palaeolithic caves of northern Spain: World Heritage Site, by Marcos García Diez (Spain)
101 New megalithic art at the Neolithic chambered monument of Dyffryn Ardudwy, north Wales, by
George Nash and Adam Stanford (United Kingdom)

106 RAR Review
106 Book reviews by Denise Smith, Michael Eastham, Yann-Pierre Montelle and Friedrich Berger
112 Recent rock art journals
114 Recent books and papers of interest

115 Orientation
115 AURA Inter-Congress Symposium 2009, Broken Hill, by R. G. Gunn
116 Murujuga rock art at AAA 2008, by R. G. Bednarik
117 AURA rock art consultants register: first notice, by R. G. Bednarik
118 Lascaux et la Conservation: en Milieu Souterrain: impressions of an importent symposium
118 Lascaux: adapting vs eradicating, by Yann-Pierre Montelle
120 Lascaux matters, by Robert G. Bednarik
122 Kevin Sharpe 1950 – 2008
123 IFRAO Report No. 42
123 International IFRAO Congress Global Rock Art, National Park Serra da Capivara, Piaui, Brazil, 29 June to 3 July 2009


Volume 25, Number 2, November 2008

131 Characterisation of materials and techniques used in Mexican rock paintings
Benjamin Valdez, Juan Cobo, Michael Schorr, Roumen Zlatev and Leonel Cota (Mexico)

137 Rock art west of Dakhla: the ‘women’ from Dakhla
Friedrich Berger (Germany)

147 Of turtles in particular: a distributional study of an archaeological landscape in southern Murujuga
R. G. Gunn and K. Mulvaney (Australia)

165 Towards a formal grammar of the European Palaeolithic cave art
Georges Sauvet and André Wlodarczyk (France)

173 Children as Pleistocene artists
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

183 Dry-pigment drawings within Gariwerd, Australia
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

201 RAR Debate
201 ‘“Aymara” rock art: a critique of cultural definitions related to Andean rock art’, by Gori Tumi Echevarría López
203 ‘“Aymara” and “Inca” rock art’, by Matthias Strecker, Freddy Taboada, Carmen Pérez Maestro and Rolando Paredes Eyzaguirre
204 ‘More Tasmanian cupules’, by Peter C. Sims
207 ‘Congolese uses of cupules’, by Georges E. Lombry
209 ‘Cupules and geomorphological phenomena’, by Andy Spate and Robert Wray
211 ‘Snames’, by John Clegg
214 ‘On cupule interpretation’, by Robert G. Bednarik
221 ‘Enigmatic petroglyphs of Saudi Arabia’s High Plateau’, by Georges E. Lombry
222 ‘Possible interpretation of a set of petroglyphs from Sakkaka, Saudi Arabia’, by Maarten van Hoek
223 ‘Reply to Lombry and van Hoek’, by Majeed Khan

225 Brief Reports
225 ‘Towards bringing Saudi Arabian Northern Province rock art out of obscurity’, by Richard W. Murison
227 ‘The Heysham labyrinth, Morecambe Bay, northern England’, by George Nash
229 ‘Rock art heritage of Macusani-Corani in the Carabaya Province of Peru, under increased threat of destruction’, by Rainer Hostnig

234 RAR Review
234 Book reviews by Yann-Pierre Montelle, Mike Donaldson and Robert G. Bednarik
237 Recent rock art journals, books and papers of interest

239 Orientation
239 Broken Hill 2009 — AURA Committee — IFRAO Standard Scale — Rock art studies: a bibliographic database updated for 2008 — AURA Honour List — Back issues — Cave art — Forthcoming events — New members

242 IFRAO Report No. 41
242 Global Rock Art IFRAO Congress, Brazil 2009 — Pleistocene Art of the World IFRAO Congress, France 2010 — Archaeology and Rock Art IFRAO Congress, Bolivia 2012

246 The first quarter: an editorial footnote


Volume 25, Number 1, May 2008

3 Spatial syntax of rock art
Andrés Troncoso M. (Chile)

13 Symbolism in the rock art of Saudi Arabia: hand and footprints
Majeed Khan (Saudi Arabia)

23 Hand prints, footprints and the imprints of evolution
Ahmed Achrati (U.S.A.)

35 Oodles of doodles? Doodling behaviour and its implications for understanding palaeoarts
Ben Watson (Australia); with RAR Comments by John L. Bradshaw, J. B. Deręgowski, Livio Dobrez, Paul Faulstich, James B. Harrod, Derek Hodgson, Paul S. C. Taçon and Robert G. Bednarik; and author’s reply.

61 Cupules
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

101 Are Neanderthal portraits wrong? Neanderthal adaptations to cold and their impact on Palaeolithic populations
Duncan Caldwell (France)

117 RAR Debate
117 ‘Apropos “association” ’, by Werner Pichler
119 ‘From co-occurrence to association’, by Jean-Loïc Le Quellec
121 ‘Thamudic traces: some remarks’, by Ahmed Achrati

125 RAR Review
125 Book reviews by Robert G. Bednarik

127 Orientation
127 Letter to the Editor — Forthcoming events — Murujuga rock art

128 IFRAO Report No. 39
128 New members of IFRAO — International IFRAO Congress in Brazil


Volume 24, Number 2, November 2007

148 Dampier rock art heritage listed at last!
149 The economic side of rock art: concepts on the production of visual images
Dلnae Fiore (Argentina)

161 Petroglyphs of Meenamatta, the Blue Tier mountains, Tasmania
Robert G. Bednarik, Gloria Andrews, Stephen Cameron and Elfriede Bednarik (Australia); with RAR Comment by Peter C. Sims

171 ’Aymara’ rock art of Cutimbo, Dept. of Puno, Peru
Matthias Strecker (Bolivia), Carmen Pérez Maestro (Spain), Rolando Paredes Eyzaguirre and Pablo Gómez Jareca (Peru)

181 Reduction sequences of colorant materials: the rock art site of Santa Elina (Mato Grosso, Brazil)
Francesco d’Errico and Agueda Vilhena Vialou (France)

191 Cross-cultural contact, etiquette and rock art
Thomas Heyd (Canada)

199 The interpretation of handedness in Australian Aboriginal rock art
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

209 The science of Dampier rock art — part 1
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

247 RAR Debate
247 ‘ “Rock art” history and terminology: response to commentators’, by B. K. Swartz, Jr.
248 ‘Regarding the “thamoud” ‘, by Georges E. Lombry

251 Brief Reports
251 ‘Rock art and Thiéry’s figure’, by J. B. Deręgowski and P. McGeorge
253 ‘Towards gathering data: a suggested pro forma for the monitoring of damage to rock art sites in the Sydney and Blue Mountains regions’, by Barry Lewis
255 ‘A re-evaluation of the “monkey” petroglyph at the Quebrada de San Juan, Peru’, by Maarten van Hoek
257 ‘New megalithic art within the Neolithic passage grave of Barclodiad y Gawres, Anglesey, North Wales’, by George Nash and Adam Stanford

261 RAR Review
261 Book reviews by Robert G. Bednarik, of Jean-Loïc Le Quellec, Rock art in Africa: mythology and legend; and Jean-Loïc Le Quellec, Pauline de Flers and Philippe de Flers, Peintures et gravures d’avant les pharaons: du Sahara au Nil
262 Recent rock art journals
264 Recent books of interest
264 Recent papers of interest

267 Orientation
267 ‘Good progress at Dampier’, by Robert G. Bednarik
271 The Rock Art Preservation Fund
271 AURA Honour List
272 Back issues, Cave art, Forthcoming events, New members

273 IFRAO Report No. 39
273 ‘The first international cupule conference: a report’, by Robert G. Bednarik
276 New member of IFRAO
276 Pre-Historic art congress 2010: ‘Pleistocene Art of the World’


Volume 24, Number 1, May 2007

4 AURANET home-pages
5 The Jawoyn Rock Art and Heritage Project
R. G. Gunn and R. L. Whear (Australia)

21 Antiquity and authorship of the Chauvet rock art
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

35 Naturalised epistemology, human models of reality, salience and cave iconography
Yann-Pierre Montelle (New Zealand). With RAR Comments by Ahmed Achrati, Robert G. Bednarik and Thomas Heyd; and author’s reply

47 Body and embodiment: a sensible approach to rock art
Ahmed Achrati (U.S.A.)

59 Sangestoon: a new rock art site in central Iran
Sirwan Mohamadi Ghasrian (Iran)

65 Presumed cattle petroglyphs in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. Precursors of classical Egyptian art?
Tony Judd (United Kingdom)

79 Discontinuous Dreaming networks: analyses of variability in Australian pre-Historic petroglyphs
Natalie R. Franklin (Australia)

105 Epistemology, modernism and sacred languages: two levels of the human language
Guillermo Muñoz C. (Colombia)

113 RAR Debate
113 ‘Against deceit’, by Livio Dobrez. Comment on Derek Hodgson and Patricia A. Helvenston’s ‘The emergence of the representation of animals in palaeoart’
116 ‘The evolution of animal representation: a response to Dobrez’, by Derek Hodgson and Patricia A. Helvenston
124 Further comments on Christopher Chippindale and Paul S. C. Taçon’s ‘What’s in a word, what’s in a hyphen?’: ‘On “rock art” history and terminology’, by B. K. Swartz, Jr
126 ‘Contesting the incontestable’, by Jack Steinbring
126 ‘Rock-writing, picture-writing, petroglyphs, rock-art; and the importance of the hyphen’, by Paul S. C. Taçon and Christopher Chippindale
127 ‘Rock art history and use of the term: reply to Swartz’, by Mavis Greer and John Greer
131 ‘Reflections on North American archaeology and rock art’, by Alanah Woody and Angus R. Quinlan
133 ‘More about “More about finger flutings” ‘, by Kevin Sharpe and Leslie Van Gelder, a reply to R. G. Bednarik
135 ‘Progress with rock art protection in Tasmania’, by R. G. Bednarik

136 Brief Reports
136 ‘The crisis in Lascaux: update March 2007’, by Melody Di Piazza
137 ‘Holocene petroglyphs at Philippi, Greece’, by George Dimitriadis

139 Orientation
139 ‘Dampier rainwater as acidic as beer: CSIRO’, by Robert G. Bednarik
141 ‘The Burrup Blues’, a poem by M. J. McBain and Noel Nannup
142 Chilean court ruling
142 Rock art studies: a bibliographic database
143 WAC Inter-Congress: Archaeological Invisibility and Forgotten Knowledge
143 ARARA news

144 IFRAO Report No. 38
144 ‘International Cupule Conference 2007’, by Roy Querejazu Lewis


Volume 23, Number 2, November 2006

148 Editorial

153 The story of the Arabian rock art: a Thamudic ‘informant’
Ahmed Achrati (U.S.A.)

165 The sense in question: some Saharan examples
Jean-Loïc Le Quellec (France)

171 Classifying a set of rock art: how to choose the criteria
Alfred Muzzolini (France)

179 Finger flutings in Chamber A1 of Rouffignac Cave, France
Kevin Sharpe and Leslie Van Gelder (United Kingdom). With RAR Comment by Robert G. Bednarik.

199 Cup-and-ring petroglyph on the Neolithic chambered burial monument of Garn Turne, Pembrokeshire, SW Wales
George Nash (United Kingdom)

207 The cave art of Mladeč Cave, Czech Republic
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

217 Opposition and unity: shamanistic dualism in Tibetan and Chinese pre-Historic art
Tang Huisheng (China)

227 Wollemi petroglyphs, N.S.W., Australia: an unusual assemblage with rare motifs
Paul S. C. Taçon, Matthew Kelleher, Wayne Brennan, Shaun Hooper and Dave Pross (Australia)

239 Copying the Dreamtime: anthropic marks in early Aboriginal Australia
Josephine Flood (United Kingdom)

247 RAR Debate
247 Comment on Derek Hodgson and Patricia A. Helvenston’s ‘The emergence of the representation of animals in palaeoart’, by Paul S. C. Taçon
249 Further thoughts on comments by Chippindale and a reply to Taçon, by Patricia A. Helvenston and Derek Hodgson
253 Do giraffes sit everywhere?, by Jan B. Deregowski
254 Giraffes never, or rarely, sit in the Eastern Desert, by Tony Judd
254 What’s in a word, what’s in a hyphen? A modest proposal that we abandon the words ‘petroglyph’ and ‘pictograph’, and hyphenate ‘rock-painting’, ‘rock-engraving’, ‘rock-art’ among the words we use, by Christopher Chippindale and Paul S. C. Taçon, with RAR Comments by Yann-Pierre Montelle and Robert G. Bednarik, and authors’ Reply

261 Brief Reports
261 Rock art destruction at El Mauro, Chile: one of the world’s largest mining waste dams, by Patricio Bustamente Díaz
264 Minimum standards for recording rock art, revised, by B. K. Swartz, Jr.
265 Micoquian engravings from Oldisleben, Germany, by Robert G. Bednarik
268 Update on the crisis in Lascaux, by Melody Di Piazza

270 RAR Review
270 Book review by Derek Hodgson, of Patricia A. Helvenston and Paul G. Bahn, Waking the trance fixed
271 Book review by Yann-Pierre Montelle, of Thomas Heyd and John Clegg, Aesthetics and rock art
273 Book review by John Clegg, of John Coles, Shadows of a northern past: rock carvings of Bohuslän and Østfold
274 Book review by Ahmed Achrati, of Robert G. Bednarik, Australian Apocalypse. The story of Australia’s greatest cultural monument
275 Book review by Claire Smith, of Ian Wilson, Lost world of the Kimberley: extraordinary glimpses of Australia’s Ice Age ancestors
277 Recent rock art journals
278 Recent books of interest
278 Recent papers of interest

280 Orientation
280 Some thoughts on the 15th Congress of the UISPP, by Robert G. Bednarik
282 Rock art protection in Tasmania, by Robert G. Bednarik
282 AURA Honour List
282 New Editorial Board member
283 Back issues
283 Forthcoming events
283 New members
283 Erratum

284 IFRAO Report No. 37
284 New member of IFRAO
284 IFRAO affiliated with UISPP
284 International Cupule Conference 2007, by Roy Querejazu Lewis
285 New activities by SIARB (Bolivia), by Matthias Strecker
285 CeSMAP report for 2004 – 2006, by Dario Seglie
286 Minutes of the 2006 IFRAO Business Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal


Volume 23, Number 1, May 2006

3 The emergence of the representation of animals in palaeoart: insights from evolution and the cognitive, limbic and visual systems of the human brain
Derek Hodgson (United Kingdom) and Patricia A. Helvenston (U.S.A.); with RAR Comments by John Bradshaw, Christopher Chippindale, Frederick L. Coolidge and Thomas Wynn, Francesco G. Fedele, Donald Meyer, Yann-Pierre Montelle, Robert G. Bednarik; and authors’ Reply

41 Learning from curves: the female figure in Palaeolithic Europe
Pamela Russell (New Zealand)

51 Colouring stone: examining categories in rock art
Noelene Cole with George Musgrave (Australia)

59 Presumed giraffe petroglyphs in the Eastern Desert of Egypt: style, location and Nubian comparisons
Tony Judd (United Kingdom)

71 Music and rock art: a Saharan note
Ahmed Achrati (U.S.A.)

79 Between artefacts and egofacts: the power of assigning names
Mario Consens (Uruguay)

85 A unified theory for palaeoart studies
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

89 Probing pre-Historic cultures: data, dates and narratives
Paul Bouissac (Canada)

97 Hand sizes in rock art: interpreting the measurements of hand stencils and prints
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

113 RAR Debate
113 Comment on EIP preliminary report, by James Harrod
114 Response to Harrod’s questions, by R. G. Bednarik, G. Kumar, A. Watchman and R. G. Roberts

119 Brief Reports
119 Rock art vandalism in Tasmania, by Peter C. Sims
122 Rock art and hermeneutics: the question of interpretation, by Yann-Pierre Montelle
125 The methodology of examining very early engravings, by Robert G. Bednarik

129 RAR Review
129 Book reviews by Walter Bowyer, Yann-Pierre Montelle, Rachel Boutin, John Clegg and Robert G. Bednarik
135 Recent rock art journals
136 Recent books of interest

137 Orientation
137 Lascaux: masterpiece in peril — Quantification of the amount of rock art lost at Dampier
140 World of rock art: Moscow, 3–7 October 2005
141 Australian Archaeological Association — Decolonising Archaeology: Archaeology and the Post-Colonial Critique
142 Other forthcoming events — Anders Hagen 1921–2005

143 IFRAO Report No. 36
143 IFRAO Global State of the Art
144 Activities by TARA (Trust of African Rock Art) — Open letter


Volume 22, Number 2, November 2005

119 Non-invasive three-dimensional recording of Aboriginal rock art using cost-effective digital photogrammetry
J. H. Chandler (United Kingdom), J. G. Fryer and H. T. Kniest (Australia)

131 Digital rock art recording: visualising petroglyphs using 3D laser scanner data
I. Trinks (Sweden), M. Díaz-Andreu, R. Hobbs and K. E. Sharpe (United Kingdom)

141 An analysis of challenges to the authenticity of rock art sites in the Gariwerd (Grampians) region of Victoria, Australia

Ian D. Clark (Australia)
145 Agra 2004 congress proceedings

147 Preliminary results of the EIP Project
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia), Giriraj Kumar (India), Alan Watchman and Richard G. Roberts (Australia)

198 RAR Debate
198 The debate between GIPRI and the state agency ICANH, by Guillermo Muñoz
200 Comments by Matthias Strecker, B. K. Swartz, Jr, Roy Querejazu Lewis, Diego Martinez Celis, Emiro José Díaz Leal and Robert G. Bednarik
205 Reply by Guillermo Muñoz (Colombia)
207 Some notes on Saudi Arabian petroglyphs, by Georges E. Lombry (Belgium)
208 Reply to Lombry, by R. G. Bednarik (Australia) and M. Khan (Saudi Arabia)

209 Brief Reports
209 First direct dating of Saharan rock art, by R. G. Bednarik
210 More on Acheulian beads, by R. G. Bednarik

213 RAR Review
213 Book reviews by Denise Smith and Carol Patterson
216 Recent rock art journals
217 Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

219 Orientation
219 Calls for papers: IFRAO-UISPP Congress 2006, Lisbon, 4–9 September 2006
222 National conference on heritage, India — Australian rock art vandal fined — AURA Honour List
223 Back issues — New members

224 IFRAO Report No. 35
224 IFRAO’s progress — L’Art Rupestre: conservation, mise en valeur et communication
226 Summary report to Unesco
228 International Cupule Conference 2007


Volume 22, Number 1, May 2005

3 Seasonal revival rites and rock art of Minusinsk Basin colonisers (southern Siberia)
L. D. McNeil (U.S.A.)

17 The Galería del Sílex (Sierra de Atapuerca, Burgos, Spain): AMS radiocarbon dates of post-Palaeolithic rock art
M. García Diez, J. Martín i Uixan, M. A. Martín Merino and A. I. Ortega Martínez (Spain)

23 Biomorphs ‘playing a wind instrument’ in Andean rock art
Maarten van Hoek (Netherlands)

35 Motif structure and Australian Aboriginal rock art analysis: an example from Gariwerd, Victoria
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

49 Scientific studies of Saudi Arabian rock art
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia) and Majeed Khan (Saudi Arabia)

83 Brief Reports
83 Late Horizon rock art in the Atacama Desert? A view from the Inka road, by José Berenguer R. and Gloria Cabello B. (Chile)
87 Study of a Palaeolithic time capsule: the Chauvet Cave project, by Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

90 RAR Review
90 Book reviews by Yann-Pierre Montelle, Margaret Bullen and Kalle Sognnes
93 Recent rock art journals — Recent books of interest
94 Recent papers of interest

95 Orientation
95 AURA Inter-Congress Symposium Cairns
96 World rock art — The uses and abuses of archaeology for indigenous populations
97 Tools of the trade — The archaeology of trade and exchange
98 Australasian Archaeometry Conference — Alexander Marshack, 4 April 1918 to 20 December 2004, by Leslie Van Gelder and Kevin Sharpe
100 ‘Bradshaw’ art — an interesting whodunit, or a matter of national importance? by Christopher Brown

104 IFRAO Report No. 34
104 Minutes of the 2005 IFRAO Business Meeting, New Delhi, India
105 Agra 2004: report of a magnificent rock art congress
107 Saving rock art: report of a conference
109 IFRAO Global State of the Art (Portugal 2006)
110 International Cupule Conference (Bolivia 2007)
111 Dampier rock art exhibition launched
112 IFRAO proposal for the Dampier rock art


Volume 21, Number 2, November 2004

111 ‘Aymara’ rock art of Lake Titicaca
Matthias Strecker and Freddy Taboada (Bolivia)

127 Dating rock art: introduction to the papers from Symposium J, Third AURA Congresss, Alice Springs, 2000
Alan Watchman, Guest Editor of the following papers

129 Considerations on the dating of rock art from the Sierra de San Francisco, Baja California, Mexico
V. Magar and V. Davila (Mexico)

137 New evidence from the Côa valley, Portugal
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

145 Radiocarbon dating of ancient pictograms with accelerator mass spectrometry
M. W. Rowe (U.S.A.)

155 The beeswax rock art of the Northern Territory: direct dating results and a ‘book of record’
Paul S. C. Taçon (Australia), Erle Nelson (Canada), Christopher Chippindale (United Kingdom) and George Chaloupka (Australia)

161 Dating analysis of rock art in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
Tang Huisheng and Gao Zhiwei (China)

173 Dating of rock images in Wardaman country, Northern Territory, Australia
A. Watchman (Australia), J. Flood (Australia) and C. Chippindale (United Kingdom)

183 Dating Kezar Lake pictograms
A. Watchman (Australia)

187 Minimum age for a petroglyph on a boulder of significance in southern Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia
A. Watchman (Australia)

196 RAR Review
196 Book reviews by Yann-Pierre Montelle, Dominique Ballereau and R. G. Bednarik
202 Recent rock art journals — Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

203 Orientation
203 AURA Inter-Congress Symposium — Percy J. Trezise AO honoured
204 AURA Honour List — Increase in subscriptions
205 Back issues — New members

206 IFRAO Report No. 33
206 New members of IFRAO — The Rock Art Preservation Fund
207 IFRAO’s Dampier Campaign
211 The Constitution of IFRAO


Volume 21, Number 1, May 2004

3 Petroglyphs of Kurdistan
Jamal Lahafian (Iran)

11 From circle and square to the image of the world: a possible interpretation for some petroglyphs of merels boards
Friedrich Berger (Germany)

27 Rock paintings of Mua Island: initial results from western Torres Strait
Liam M. Brady, Bruno David, Louise Manas and the Mualgal (Torres Strait Islanders) Corporation, and Ian McNiven (Australia)

47 Large animals and small humans in the rock art of northern Australia
David M. Welch (Australia)

57 Line markings: human or animal origin?
Kevin Sharpe (United Kingdom); with RAR Comments by Geoffrey D. Aslin, Robert G. Bednarik and R. G. Gunn; and author’s Reply.

85 RAR Debates
85 Replacement with deep roots (John L. Bradshaw}
85 Regarding Bednarik’s RAR Reply (Derek Hodgson)
87 Response to Bradshaw and Hodgson (Robert G. Bednarik)

89 Brief Reports
89 Some issues in the authentic display of rock art: the case of Fugoppe Cave (Thomas Heyd)
91 An introduction to the petroglyphs at Fugoppe Cave (Masaru Ogawa)
92 New cupule site in the Free State, South Africa (Maarten Van Hoek)
93 Re-recording culturally significant Aboriginal sites in south-western Australia as a guide to Noongar usage of the region in the past (Esmée Webb and R. G. Gunn)

98 RAR Review
98 Book reviews by Howard David Smith and Sven Ouzman
101 Recent rock art journals  Recent books of interest  Recent papers of interest

102 Orientation
102 Road extension threatens integrity of one of the largest Pueblo Indian petroglyph sites in the United States (J. J. Brody)
104 Most Endangered Sacred Sites List  Networks and Narratives  Letter to the Editor
105 Forthcoming events

106 IFRAO Report No. 32
106 RASI-2004 International Rock Art Congress, Important new information
107 EIP Project second progress report (Robert G. Bednarik and Giriraj Kumar)


Volume 20, Number 2, November 2003

89 The earliest evidence of palaeoart
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia); with RAR Comments by Walter Bowyer, Adam Brumm, Kalyan K. Chakravarty, Stephen W. Edwards, John Feliks, Lutz Fiedler, James B. Harrod, Derek Hodgson, Giriraj Kumar, Talia Shay, Lawrence Guy Straus and Thomas Wynn; and author’s Reply

137 Saharan landscapes: contextualised rock art as a cultural heritage resource in Libya
Tertia Barnett (United Kingdom)

143 Te Ana A Nunuku: re-viewing a Moriori petroglyph site in Rekohu (The Chatham Islands), New Zealand
Eric Kjellgren (U.S.A.)

151 The rock art of Toro Muerto, Peru
Maarten van Hoek (Holland)

171 RAR Review
171 Book reviews by Yann-Pierre Montelle, Denise Smith, B. K. Swartz, Jr, and Walter J. Bowyer
180 Recent rock art journals
181 Recent books of interest  Recent papers of interest

182 Orientation
182 New rock art research association in Bolivia (Roy Querejazu Lewis)
183 Rock art images copyrighted – Southern African Association of Archaeologists Meeting – 21st International Valcamonica Symposium
184 Alfred Muzzolini (1922-2003)
187 Forthcoming events

188 IFRAO Report No. 31
188 ‘Rock Art Research: Changing Paradigms’, RASI-2004 International Rock Art Congress, Agra
192 Symposium/workshop rationales for Agra IFRAO Congress


Volume 20, Number 1, May 2003

3 The biological foundations of Upper Palaeolithic art: stimulus, percept and representational imperatives
Derek Hodgson (United Kingdom). With RAR Comments by John Bradshaw, J. B. Deregowski, Thomas Heyd, Alice B. Kehoe, and Steven J. Waller; and author’s Reply

23 Rock art management and education programs for site visitors: introduction to the papers from Symposium E, Third AURA Congress, Alice Springs, 2000
Natalie Franklin, Guest Editor of the following papers

25 ‘But they are only puppets …’. Problems of management and educational programs in Rock Engraving National Parks, Valcamonica and Valtellina, Lombardy, Italy
Angelo Fossati (Italy)

31 Co-operation for education—filling the demand for educational tools: a joint Swedish-Norwegian program for rock art education, information and tourism
Anne-Sopie Hygen (Norway)

34 Community involvement in rock art site management in Namibia
Goodman Gwasira (Namibia)

37 Education, museums and schools: new approaches in the Tanum World Heritage Area, Sweden
Camilla Olsson (Sweden)

41 Visitor books—a tool for planning and evaluating visitor management at rock art sites
Ross Brown, Clarrie Flinders, Julie Swartz and Roger Wilkinson (Australia)

48 Current initiatives in rock art management and public education in Queensland
Natalie Franklin (Australia)

53 The Côa valley: research and management of a World Heritage rock art site
João Zilhão (Portugal); with RAR Comments by Mila Simões de Abreu, Luiz Oosterbeek, Marcel Otte, Alan Watchman and Robert G. Bednarik

69 RAR Debates
69 Comments on R. J. Coffman’s ‘Voyagers of the Pacific’ (Pamela Russell and Peter Russell)

70 Brief Reports
70 2002 progress report of the EIP Project (Giriraj Kumar, Robert G. Bednarik, Alan Watchman, Richard G. Roberts, Ewan Lawson and Carol Patterson)

72 RAR Review
72 Book reviews by Leigh Marymor, Margaret Bullen and Robert G. Bednarik
78 Recent rock art journals
79 Recent books of interest – Recent papers of interest

80 Orientation
80 Hamilton 2003: AURA Inter-Congress Symposium, 4-5 October 2003
82 Patricia Vinnicombe (1932-2003) (Ken Mulvaney)
83 Call for papers, 37th Annual Chacmool Conference – Forthcoming events – AURANET

84 IFRAO Report No. 30
84 New members of IFRAO – The 2004 IFRAO Congress: RASI-2004
85 The IFRAO-Brepols imprint – Second progress report of the EIP Project, April 2003
86 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Glossary of Rock Art Research


Volume 19, Number 2, November 2002

79 Voyagers of the Pacific: rock art and the Austronesian dispersal (Part 2)
Ralph J. Coffman, Jr. (U.S.A.); with RAR Comments by M. Wilson, C. Ballard and J.-M. Chazine, and by Jim Specht; and author’s Reply

105 Renovations of ancient compositions by modern indigenous visitors in Altai, southern Siberia: vandalism or creation?
D. V. Cheremisin (Russia)

109 Investigating finger flutings
Kevin Sharpe with Mary Lacombe and Helen Fawbert (United Kingdom)

117 Mudgegonga-2 and the rock art of north-east Victoria
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

133 Brief Reports
133 The Murujuga Campaign of 1868 (Robert G. Bednarik)
135 A bead from the Mousterian site at Fontmaure, France (Herman van der Made)
136 New cupule rock art at Twyfelfontein, Namibia (Maarten van Hoek)
137 An Acheulian palaeoart manuport from Morocco (Robert G. Bednarik)
139 AURA Inter-Symposium 2003

140 RAR Reviews
140 Book reviews by Bruno David and R. G. Bednarik
141 Recent rock art journals
142 Recent books of interest – Recent papers of interest

143 Orientation
143 Report on the conference L’art avant l’histoire, Paris, May 2002 (Alan Watchman)
143 MA in Archaeology – Prehistoric Rock Art at the University of Durham (U.K.)
144 Sixth International Symposium on Rock Art, Jujuy, Argentina, late 2003
145 WAC-5, 21–26 June 2003 — Forthcoming events — Notes
146 New AURA members

147 IFRAO Report No. 29
147 Guadiana report
148 Dampier report
150 Summary of the IFRAO submission to the National Native Title Tribunal


Volume 19, Number 1, May 2002

3 Petroglyphs of the Dampier Archipelago: background to development and descriptive analysis
Patricia Vinnicombe (Australia)
28 AURANET operational

29 The survival of the Murujuga (Burrup) petroglyphs
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

41 Voyagers of the Pacific: rock art and the Austronesian dispersal (Part 1)
Ralph J. Coffman, Jr. (U.S.A.)

68 RAR Review
68 Commentary, by Majeed Khan
68 Recent rock art journals
69 Recent books of interest – Recent papers of interest
70 Orientation
71 World’s largest rock art studies literature database
72 Forthcoming events – Notes
73 AURA Inter-Congress Symposium

74 IFRAO Report No. 28
74 Report of the International Workshop on Conservation and Documentation of Rock Art in Tanzania, 13–20 January 2002
76 Program of the EIP Project – Guadiana update


Volume 18, Number 2, November 2001

75 When rock art comes into being: on the recognition and acceptance of new discoveries Kalle Sognnes (Norway); with Comments by Robert G. Bednarik, J. B. Deregowski, Knut Helskog, Gro Mandt, Eva Walderhaug Saetersdal; and author’s Reply

91 The taphonomy of beeswax figures
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

96 The stepped ‘diamond’ in Andean rock art
Maarten van Hoek (Netherlands)

101 From real to abstract or vice versa—material culture and cultural beliefs
Talia Shay (Israel)
106 A new service for Australian members of AURA

107 Visitor books and visitor numbers in the Grampians National Park
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

113 Brief Reports
113 Batu Tulis: a petroglyph site in west Java, Indonesia (Tony Djubiantono, Mike J. Morwood and Agus)
115 An Acheulian figurine from Morocco (Robert G. Bednarik)

117 RAR Review
117 Book reviews by Alan Watchman and M. J. Rowland
120 Recent rock art journals
123 Recent books of interest – Recent papers of interest

125 Orientation
125 Announcing AURANET – Special service for AURA members
126 passion (Miriel Lenore) – WAC Inter-Congress
127 La Conservation de l’Art Préhistorique (Paris)
128 Letters to the Editor – Forthcoming events – Note

131 IFRAO Report No. 27
131 International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences motion for the Guadiana rock art in Portugal – Response by the Director of the Instituto Português de Arqueologia
133 IFRAO Congress Venue Commission
134 New IFRAO members – Fezzan, Libya: conflict between oil field development and rock art
(Friedrich Berger)
136 IFRAO Standard Scale reprinted
138 Progress report of the EIP Project—November 2001


Volume 18, Number 1, May 2001

3 Rock paintings — wall paintings: new light on art tradition in central Asia
Zbigniew Jasiewicz and Andrzej Rozwadowski (Poland)

15 Identification of minerals in pigments from Aboriginal rock art in the Laura and Kimberley regions, Australia
I. Ward, A. Watchman, N. Cole and M. Morwood (Australia)

24 Dating the rock art of Vanuatu: AMS radiocarbon determinations from abandoned mud-wasp nests and charcoal pigment found in superimposition
Meredith Wilson, Matthew Spriggs and Ewan Lawson (Australia)
32 CARA launched

33 The geoglyph of La Rueda del Indio, Chirgua, Venezuela
Bernardo Urbani and Franco Urbani (Venezuela)

40 Cultural images: the petroglyphs of a sandstone quarry, Helen Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
Ken Mulvaney (Australia)

55 Brief Reports
55 Pilbara petroglyphs dated (Robert G. Bednarik)
58 Mineralogical and chemical analyses of an ochred rock, Ngarrabullgan Cave (N. Qld, Australia) (Rosemary Goodall and Bruno David)
60 New group of rock art sites in Spain: the petroglyphs of Manzenez Mill (Alconchel, Badajoz) (Hipólito Collado Giraldo)

62 Orientation
62 Report on the AURA 2000 Kimberley Tour with David Welch — Re-opening of Tandjesberg San
Rock Art National Monument — Course of specialisation in pre-Historic and tribal art
64 Letters to the Editor — Forthcoming events — Notes — New AURA members

68 IFRAO Report No. 26
Rock art discovery in the Alqueva dam zone of the river Guadiana in Spain and Portugal (Mila Simões of Abreu) — IFRAO International Workshop on Conservation and Documentation, Tanzania (Fidelis Masao) — IRAC 2002 (Dushko Aleksovski) — IFRAO-Brepols — The Early Indian Petroglyphs Project (Robert G. Bednarik)


Volume 17, Number 2, November 2000

83 Editorial

85 Surface structure analysis of runic inscriptions on rock. A method for distinguishing between individual carvers
Laila Kitzler (Sweden)

99 Rapa Nui cupules: voices of a disintegrating society?
Maarten van Hoek (Holland)

111 Central Australian rock art: a second report
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

127 RAR Debates
127 An artist’s perspective (Brian Langevad)
127 Consciousness, art and communication (Michael Eastham)
128 Hand grip or art: tribal or individual? (David M. Welch)
129 Reply to David M. Welch (Daniel Kaufman)

131 Brief Reports
131 Earliest known Historical rock art in Australia (Robert G. Bednarik)
133 Lichenometry and rock art (Robert G. Bednarik)

136 RAR Review
136 Book reviews by Bruno David, Robert G. Bednarik and M. J. Rowland
139 Recent rock art journals — Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

142 Orientation
142 The Third AURA Congress: a personal view (Jack Steinbring) — Participants of the Third AURA Congress — Letters to the Editor — Fifth International Rock Art Symposium in Bolivia — Notes — Forthcoming events
147 Rock Art Glossary

157 IFRAO Report No. 25
The IFRAO Code of Ethics — Commentary — Minutes of the 2000 IFRAO Business Meeting, Alice Springs, Australia


Volume 17, Number 1, May 2000

3 Art, perception and information processing: an evolutionary perspective
Derek Hodgson (United Kingdom); with Comments by Robert G. Bednarik, John L. Bradshaw, Paul Faulstich, Sylvia Fein, John Feliks, Elery Hamilton-Smith and Andrew Sherratt; and author’s Reply

35 Bon rock paintings at gNam mtsho: glimpses of the ancient religion of northern Tibet
John Vincent Bellezza (U.S.A.)

56 Spencer and Gillen’s contribution to Australian rock art studies
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

65 Brief Reports
65 ‘Archaeologically dated Palaeolithic rock art’ at Fariseu, Côa valley
65 Fariseu rock art not archaeologically dated (Mila Simões de Abreu and Robert G. Bednarik)
68 Symposia of the Third AURA Congress

69 Orientation
69 Third AURA Congress — Short Field Trips Program — Additional major field trips
72 Response to the Cairns Declaration: a code of ethics for AURA (Noelene Cole and Graeme K. Ward)
75 Notes — Forthcoming events — New AURA members

77 IFRAO Report No. 24
IFRAO: the first dozen years — New IFRAO members — Fifth International Rock Art Symposium, Bolivia, September 2000 — Skopje 2002


Volume 16, Number 2, November 1999

75 Radiocarbon analyses of rock paintings: Hueco Tanks, Texas
Marian Hyman, Kay Sutherland, Marvin W. Rowe, Ruth Ann Armitage and John R. Southon (U.S.A.)

89 The analysis of scan sequences embedded in Palaeolithic parietal images
Michael Eastham (United Kingdom), with Comments by John L. Bradshaw, J. B. Deregowski, Andrée Rosenfeld and Ann Sieveking; and author’s Reply

109 A unique engraved object from the Epipalaeolithic of Israel
Daniel Kaufman (Israel)

113 Pre-Historic open-air rock art in Galicia, north-west Spain: characteristics and principal iconography
Roberto Vázquez Rozas (Spain)

127 Brief Reports
127 ‘Bradshaws’ — an eastern province?, by Paul S. C. Taçon, Ken Mulvaney, Richard Fullagar and Lesley Head (Australia)
129 Obituary on Wadi Sora? Friedrich Berger (Germany)

131 RAR Review
131 With contributions by R. G. Bednarik
133 Recent rock art journals — Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

135 Orientation
Third AURA Congress — Call for papers: the symposia of the Third AURA Congress — Congress field trips — Moroccan Association for the Protection of the Rupestrian Heritage — 5th International Rock Art Sympo¬sium, Bolivia, September 2000 —Forthcoming events

145 IFRAO Report No. 23
Proceedings of the 1995 International Rock Art Congress, Turin — IRAC ‘99: A few words from the organiser (Jack Steinbring) — The Third AURA Congress — Field trips — Events — Registration — Further information


Volume 16, Number 1, May 1999

3 Towards an understanding of Pälaqwan rock drawings: between visual and verbal expression
Dario Novellino (Italy)

25 The environment and condition of multi-layered Aboriginal paintings at Kennedy-A in the wet tropics, north Queensland
I. Ward, C. Patterson and A. Watchman (Australia)

36 Rock art protection in Bolivia
Matthias Strecker and Freddy Taboada (Bolivia)

42 Rocks, motifs and techniques: a re-evaluation of a ‘unique’ petroglyphs site in Norway Kalle Sognnes (Norway)

50 RAR Debates
50 On Huyge’s possible representations of fish-traps in Upper Egyptian rock art (A. Muzzolini)
51 El-Hosh revisited (Dirk Huyge)

53 Brief Reports
53 The Camunian Rose (Bjarne Stig Hansen)
55 The first Regional Training Course on Rock Art Painting Conservation for SE Asia and the Pacific, Indonesia (Bruno David)

57 RAR Review
57 With contributions by Hugh Cairns and R. G. Bednarik
60 Recent rock art journals — Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

63 Orientation
Third AURA Congress — Call for papers: the symposia of the Third AURA Congress — Call for posters — Forthcoming events

70 IFRAO Report No. 22
The Third AURA Congress — Objectives — Academic program — Events — Field trips — Registration — Accommodation and bookings — Further information — News in brief


Volume 15, Number 2, November 1998

75 Patterned hand prints: a unique form from central Australia
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

81 Mobiliary art from the Late Epipalaeolithic of the Negev, Israel
A. N. Goring-Morris (Israel)

89 New Palaeolithic cave art in Cueva de el Pendo, Cantabrian Region, Spain
Ramón Montes Barquín, Juan Sanguino González, Antonio J. Gómez Laguna and Carlos G. Luque (Spain)

98 Searching for hidden images: rock art geography in Stjørdal, Trøndelag, Norway
Kalle Sognnes and Anne Haug (Norway)

109 The impact of fossils on the development of visual representation
John Feliks (U.S.A.), with Comments by Robert G. Bednarik, John L. Bradshaw, Elery Hamilton-Smith and Lawrence Guy Straus; and author’s Reply

135 RAR Debates
135 Fishing in the Sahara (Barbara E. Barich)
135 ‘Where are the fish?’: piscatorial representations in central Saharan and Egyptian rock art (Dirk Huyge)
139 Footnote on the technology of petroglyphs (R. G. Bednarik)

141 Orientation
The Third AURA Congress — Some of the symposia at the Third AURA Congress — Rock art and ecological knowledge — Dating rock art — Epistemology and rock art research — News of the World II – IRAC 2000: Call for posters — Forthcoming events — New AURA members

145 IFRAO Report No. 21
‘Crossing frontiers’: IRAC 1998, Vila Real, Portugal — Symposium rationales, IRAC 1999: Calls for papers — Semiotics, signs, symbols and mysticism in rock art — Computer technology as an aid to rock art research, site management and education — Landscape, place and rock art — The human figure in rock art — Arte rupestre de Sudamerica: Estudo actual


Volume 15, Number 1, May 1998

3 Possible representations of Palaeolithic fish-traps in Upper Egyptian rock art
Dirk Huyge (Belgium); with Comments by Friedrich Berger, Achilles Gautier and Jean-Loïc Le Quellec; and author’s Reply

12 Effect of water on Lower Pecos River rock paintings in Texas
Elmo J. Mawk and Marvin W. Rowe (U.S.A.)

17 Sex, lies and symbolic behaviour
M. J. Morwood (Australia)

23 The technology of petroglyphs
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

36 Composition and source of dust on Split Rock paintings, Australia
Alan Watchman (Australia)

41 A multivariate approach to characterise the groove shape of the linear parts of petroglyphs
Franco Urbani (Venezuela)

46 RAR Debates
46 Shamanism and Upper Palaeolithic art: a response to Bahn (J. D. Lewis-Williams and J. Clottes)

51 Reviews
With contributions by Bruno David, Jack Steinbring and Robert G. Bednarik
54 Recent rock art journals
57 Recent books of interest
58 Recent papers of interest

61 Orientation
Minutes of the 1998 AURA Meeting — ‘Making a mark’: the AURA Inter-Congress Symposium 1998 — ‘Crossing frontiers’, Portugal, calls for papers — 1999 International Rock Art Congress IFRAO-ARARA-MAGF, call for session proposals — Rock art education symposium 1999, call for papers — AURA 2000, the Third AURA Congress — Forthcoming events — Notices

71 IFRAO Report No. 20
‘Crossing frontiers’: International Rock Art Congress 1998 and ‘98 IFRAO Meeting, Portugal


Volume 14, Number 2, November 1997

79 A Middle Palaeolithic engraved artefact from Qafzeh Cave, Israel
Erella Hovers (Israel), Bernard Vandermeersch (France) and Ofer Bar-Yosef (U.S.A.)

88 Fight or dance? Ceremony and the spearthrower in northern Australian rock art
David M. Welch (Australia)

113 Authentication of rock art in the Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia
Bryce Barker, Katharine Sale and Alan Watchman (Australia)

124 Rock art, occupation and myth. The correspondence of symbolic and archaeological sites within Arrernte rock art complexes of central Australia
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

136 ‘Crossing frontiers’. IRAC 1998 and ‘98 IFRAO Meeting

137 Rock Art Bytes
137 Digitised recording of petroglyphs in Poesia Cave, Italy
D. Bertani, A. Capanni, M. Cetica, L. Pezzati and C. Pagliara (Italy)

143 RAR Debates
143 Minor reservations (N. Chandramouli)
143 Daraki-Chattan: an important site (Robert G. Bednarik)
144 Future research at Daraki-Chattan (Giriraj Kumar)

145 Reviews
With contributions by Ian J. McNiven and Claire Smith
147 Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

148 Orientation
Making a Mark: AURA Inter-Congress Symposium 1998 — Other forthcoming events — The 1997 SIARB rock art congress — New AURA members

151 IFRAO Report No. 19
1999 International Rock Art Congress: Ripon, Wisconsin, U.S.A., 23 – 31 May 1999 — The IFRAO Home Page — Activity reports: Cooperativa Archeologica ‘Le Orme dell’Uomo’, Mid-America Geographic Foundation


Volume 14, Number 1, May 1997

3 The distribution of cup-and-ring motifs along the Atlantic seabord of Europe
Maarten van Hoek (Holland)

18 AMS radiocarbon age estimates for early rock paintings in the Kimberley, N.W. Australia: preliminary results
A. L. Watchman, G. L. Walsh, M. J. Morwood and C. Tuniz (Australia)

26 Obituary: Professor John Halverson

27 The role of Pleistocene beads in documenting hominid cognition
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)
41 Ostrich eggshell beads in southern Africa, by H. C. Woodhouse (South Africa)

44 Rock Art Bytes
44 The International Rock Art Database Project
Henry Walt, Bruno David, John Brayer and Chris Musello (U.S.A./Australia)
50 The Alta Conference on Rock Art (ACRA II)

51 RAR Debates
51 From Hell to Inferno (Bjarne Stig Hansen)
53 Unfair criticism of Peterborough project (Bruce Ford)
55 Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing? (P. G. Bahn, R. G. Bednarik and J. Steinbring)
58 Phillip V. Tobias Essay Competition No. 7, 1997/1998 (H. C. Woodhouse)

59 Brief Reports
59 The message stick: an anecdote (Michael Pickering)
59 An unexpected spectacular find (Jan Jelínek)

61 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Andrée Rosenfeld and R. G. Bednarik
62 Membrane and numb brain: a close look at a recent claim for shamanism in Palaeolithic art (Paul G. Bahn)
68 Recent books of interest — Recent papers of interest

69 Orientation
Minutes of the 1997 AURA Meeting — ‘Crossing frontiers’: IRAC 1998 and ‘98 IFRAO Meeting — Other forthcoming events — Notices

72 IFRAO Report No. 18
Minutes of the 1997 IFRAO Meeting — An evaluation of rock art conservation practices at Foz Côa, northern Portugal (B. K. Swartz, Jr.) — An investigation of the Portuguese government policies on the management of the Foz Côa sites (B. K. Swartz, Jr.)


Volume 13, Number 2, November 1996

83 Editorial

85 A nano approach to the study of rock art: ‘The Walkunders’, Chillagoe, north Queensland, Australia
Alan Watchman and Elizabeth Hatte (Australia)

93 Pigment Analyses from Panther Cave, Texas
Marian Hyman, Solveig A. Turpin and Michael E. Zolensky (U.S.A.)

104 Material culture in Kimberley rock art, Australia
David M. Welch (Australia)

124 Palaeoindian bedrock petroglyphs at Epullán Grande Cave, northern Patagonia, Argentina
Eduardo A. Crivelli Montero and Mabel M. Fernández (Argentina), with Comment by R. G. Bednarik

129 RAR Debates
129 Ethical and conservation issues in removing lichens from petroglyphs, by Alice M. Tratebas and Fred Chapman (U.S.A.)
133 Response to Alice M. Tratebas and Fred Chapman, by Beverly Childers (U.S.A.)

134 Brief Reports
134 Cave Paintings in Yunnan, China, by Peng Fei (Japan)
137 More on massive intervention: the Aspeberget structure, by Paul G. Bahn (United Kingdom) and Anne-Sophie Hygen (Norway)

139 Reviews and Abstracts
With contribution by R. G. Bednarik – Recent books of interest – Recent papers of interest

142 Orientation
AURA Inter-Congress Symposium – Melbourne symposium field trips – Archaeometry conference – Other forthcoming events – Input sought for heritage guidelines – Obituary: Professor Herbert F. Nowak – Clarification – New AURA members

148 IFRAO Report No. 17
Let’s save Toro Muerto (Peru) – Institutum Canarium – New IFRAO member: Eastern States Rock Art Research Association – The Meeting in Machias, Maine – Rationale for SIARB Symposium 5: Administration and conservation of rock art – SIARB International Rock Art Congress


Volume 13, Number 1, May 1996

3 What to do on a rainy day: reminiscences of Mirriuwung and Gadjerong artists
Ken Mulvaney (Australia)

21 A review of the theory and assumptions in the AMS dating of the Foz Côa petroglyphs, Portugal
Alan Watchman (Australia)
30 AURA incorporated

31 Analysis of white pigments from the Olary region, South Australia
E. J. Mawk, M. F. Nobbs and M. W. Rowe (U.S.A. and Australia)
37 AURA Inter-Congress Symposium

38 Daraki-Chattan: a Palaeolithic cupule site in India
Giriraj Kumar (India)
46 Bolivia 1997

47 RAR Debates
47 Who’s right? Whose right? By Margaret Bullen (Australia)
48 An Australian perspective of the Peterborough project, by N. Franklin (Australia)
49 Conservation, intervention or destruction of rock art? By A.-S. Hygen (Norway)
52 Structure protects rock art, by I. N. M. Wainwright (Canada)
54 Peer review of massive intervention, by P. G. Bahn, R. G. Bednarik and J.Steinbring (U.K., Australia, U.S.A.)
60 An Aboriginal perspective of J. B. Deregowski’s article, by L. Bursill (Australia)
61 Response to Les Bursill’s Comment, by J. B. Deregowski (U.K.)
62 Côa debate required, by M. Leigh Marymor (U.S.A.)
63 Côa debated at last! By R. G. Bednarik (Australia)
66 Comment on ‘The row and the circle’, by R. G. Bednarik (Australia)
67 Reply to Bednarik, by Hermione Kechagia (Greece)
67 A further Comment on Kechagia’s paper, by A. A. Faradjev (Russia)

68 Brief Reports
68 Human nature and rock art production, by Clement W. Meighan (U.S.A.)
70 Further rationales for symposia of the International SIARB Congress in 1997

71 Reviews and Abstracts
With contribution by Matthias Strecker, Claire Smith and R. G. Bednarik – Recent rock art journals

76 Orientation
Rock art dating workshop, SARARA 1996, Namibia – Symposium ‘Rock art and zoology’, SARARA 1996, Namibia – Forthcoming events

77 IFRAO Report No. 16
Minutes of the 1995 IFRAO Meeting, Turin, Italy – NEWS95 International Rock Art Congress – New IFRAO members: Mid-America, Moscow Centre, StoneWatch, Verein Anisa


Volume 12, Number 2, November 1995

75 An improved procedure for the photographic enhancement of rock paintings
James Wilson Henderson (U.S.A.)

86 The age of the Côa valley petroglyphs in Portugal
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

104 Recent petroglyphs, Foz Côa, Portugal
Alan Watchman (Canada)

109 The row and the circle: semiotic perspective of visual thinking
Hermione Kechagia (Greece)

117 Regional patterning in the Aboriginal rock art of central Australia: a preliminary report
R. G. Gunn (Australia)

128 Submissions concerning the Cairns Declaration

129 Rock Art Bytes
129 IFRAO calibration system as a plug-in (Robert Mark and Evelyn Newman)
129 Colour re-constitution options (R. G. Bednarik)
130 AURA joins the World Wide Web!

131 Brief Reports
131 Additional remarks on the Berekhat Ram figurine, by N. Goren-Inbar and S. Peltz (Israel)
133 The earliest rock art in the Americas: North America, by Jack Steinbring (Canada)
134 The earliest rock art in the Americas: South America, by Juan Schobinger (Argentina)
136 The earliest palaeoart — a world perspective, by R. G. Bednarik (Australia) and P. G. Bahn
(United Kingdom)

137 Reviews and Abstracts
With contribution by R. G. Bednarik – Recent rock art journals – Recent books of interest – Recent papers of interest

140 Orientation
Minutes of the 1995 AURA Meeting – Obituary – Letters to the editor – Forthcoming events – Notices – New AURA members – AURA Inter-Congress Symposium February 1997

145 IFRAO Report No. 15
The Constitution of IFRAO – IFRAO addresses – International Conference of SARARA in Swakopmund, Namibia


Volume 12, Number 1, May 1995

3 Perception – depiction – perception, and communication: a skeleton key to rock art and its significance
J. B. Deregowski (United Kingdom), with Comments by John Clegg, John Halverson, Claire Smith and Paul S. C. Taçon; and author’s Reply

23 Beeswax rock art in the Kimberley, Western Australia
David Welch (Australia)

29 The Peterborough petroglyph site: reflections on massive intervention in rock art
Paul G. Bahn (United Kingdom), Robert G. Bednarik (Australia) and Jack Steinbring (Canada)

42 Digital colour re-constitution in rock art photography
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia) and Kulasekaran Seshadri (India)

52 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Bruno David, William R. McGlone, Phillip M. Leonard, James L. Guthrie and Robert G. Bednarik
57 Recent rock art journals
60 Recent books of interest
61 Recent papers of interest

64 Orientation
Forthcoming events – Notices – Constitution of AURA

68 IFRAO Report No. 14
Member’s progress report: RASI – Rock Art Congress NEWS 95 – Rock Art Research: Moving into the Twenty-first Century (SARARA conference) – The Hell’s Canyon saga continues


Volume 11, Number 2, November 1994

79 The dating potential of rock art in the Kimberley, N.W. Australia
M. J. Morwood, G. L. Walsh and A. Watchman (Australia/Canada)

88 San trance performances documented in the ethnological reports and rock paintings of southern Africa
Harald Pager (South Africa)

101 Long-term lichen-removal experiments and petroglyph conservation: Fremont County, Wyoming, Ranch Petroglyph Site
Beverly Booth Childers (U.S.A.)

113 RAR Debates
113 Foresighting rock art, by Kalle Sognnes (Norway)
115 Reply to Kalle Sognnes, by Jack Steinbring and Maurice Lanteigne (Canada)
117 Dating intervention? by Alan Watchman (Canada)
118 Epistemology and Palaeolithic rock art, by Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)
120 Taphonomic considerations of rock art acoustics, by Steven J. Waller (U.S.A.)
122 Art rupestre et processus géomorphologiques élémentaires, by François X. Soleilhavoup (France)
124 The diversity of `petrographic’ rock markings, by Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

126 Brief Reports
126 Zambia’s rock art heritage retrieved (Lunda F. J. Sinkamba)
127 Dating charcoal paintings and drawings from Chillagoe: current research (Bruno David, Marvin Rowe, Claudio Tuniz and John Head)

129 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Ivan P. Haskovec, Bert Woodhouse, R. G. Bednarik, W. R. McGlone, P. M. Leonard and J. L. Guthrie

138 Orientation
Rock art and archaeoastronomy, conference report by W. Breen Murray – First RASI Congress, by Giriraj Kumar – Bolivian Exhibition `Rock art – world heritage’, by M. Strecker – Rock art at the World Archaeological Congress 3, by R. G. Bednarik – Indigenous Cultural Heritage Protection Program in Australia – Obituary: Professor Elisabeth Schmid, by Inge Diethelm – RAR referees – Life members – Letters to the editor – Forthcoming events – Notices – New AURA members

148 IFRAO Report No. 13
Members’ progress reports: AARS, ARAPE, AURA, EARARA, GE.FE.BI., RARAC, Société Préhistorique Ariège-Pyrénées, SIARB – Comments on minutes – Agenda for 1995 IFRAO Meeting – Rock Art Congress NEWS 95 – Colour re-constitution achieved!


Volume 11, Number 1, May 1994

3 Contemporary indigenous use of traditional rock art sites at Yaraque, Bolivia
Roy Querejazu Lewis (Bolivia)

10 Handy household hints for archaeological excavations at rock art sites
M. J. Morwood (Australia)

13 Space, place and territory in rock art interpretation. An integration of concepts of space and their application to an unusual petroglyph locality in the Great Basin, U.S.A.
B. K. Swartz, Jr and Thomas S. Hurlbutt (U.S.A.)

23 The discrimination of rock markings
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

45 Birds of Cosquer Cave. The Great Auk (Pinguinus impennis) and its significance during the Upper Palaeolithic
Francesco d’Errico (United Kingdom – Italy)

58 Magdalenian bison in the caves of the Ariège
Jean Clottes (France), Marilyn Garner (U.S.A.) and Gilbert Maury (France)

71 Brief Reports
71 The ANTARES AMS spectrometer. Accelerators and lasers for dating rock art in Australia
Claudio Tuniz and Alan Watchman (Australia)

74 IFRAO Report No. 12
Notes from informal IFRAO meeting. New Delhi, India, 7 December 1993 – Introducing the IFRAO Standard Scale – International Rock Art Congress in Pinerolo and Turin, Italy, 30 August
to 8 September 1995


Volume 10, Number 2, November 1993

83 Theory and methods in Chinese rock art studies
Tang Huisheng (China)

91 Sound reflection as an explanation for the content and context of rock art
Steven J. Waller (U.S.A.), with Comments by Paul G. Bahn, Jean Clottes and Jack Steinbring; and author’s Reply

102 Natufian figurines from the new excavations of the el-Wad Cave, Mt Carmel, Israel
Mina Weinstein-Evron and Anna Belfer-Cohen (Israel)

107 Which way you look. Rock art, a dilemma for contemporary custodians
Ken Mulvaney (Australia)

114 The birth of a new scientific discipline
Osaga Odak (Kenya); with Comments by Elery Hamilton-Smith, Colin Pearson, W. K. Subbo, Robert G. Bednarik and Leunita A. Muruli; and author’s Reply

126 Dating intervention
Andrew Thorn (Australia)

132 RAR Debates
132 More on blue paint, by B. K. Swartz, Jr (U.S.A.)
132 The roles of those who serve rock art, by B. K. Swartz, Jr

134 Brief Reports
134 Zalavruga’s petroglyphs and the prehistoric ego (Arsen A. Faradjev)
138 About cupules (Robert G. Bednarik)

140 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Robert G. Bednarik and María Mercedes Podestá

148 Orientation
Notes on archaeology and rock art research in north-west and central India, by M. J. Morwood – Forthcoming events – `Make ‘em bright’. Aboriginal re-marking of rock art in past and present Australia, by Katharine Sale – Obituary: Alex R. Willcox, by H. C. (Bert) Woodhouse – Notices – New AURA members

153 IFRAO Report No. 11
Rock Art – World Heritage, International ARARA Congress – News ‘95 – International Rock Art Congress – Rock art studies: new approaches – First RASI Congress


Volume 10, Number 1, May 1993

3 The archaeology of Upper Palaeolithic art: aspects of uniformitarianism
David W. Cameron (Australia); with Comments by Bernard M. J. Huchet, Daniel Tangri, Robert G. Bednarik and John Halverson, and author’s Reply

18 Rock art in Gabon: petroglyphs in the Ogooué river valley
Richard Oslisly (France)

24 Early `naturalistic’ human figures in the Kimberley, Australia
David Welch (Australia)

38 RAR Debates
38 Reply to Comments and an update on the Victoria River District, by Howard P. McNickle
40 More information about South Australian cation-ratio dates, by Alan Watchman

41 Brief Reports
Australian papers presented at Yinchuan, China, 1991 (ed. Graeme K. Ward)
41 Australian rock pictures in China and the Helan Shan petroglyphs (Graeme K. Ward)
47 Address to opening session of First Conference of the Rock Art Research Association of China (Robert G. Bednarik)
48 The direct dating of rock art (Robert G. Bednarik)
51 Why people draw circles (Margaret Bullen)
55 Gap Hill. A new Simple Figurative engraving site in western New South Wales (John Clegg)
58 Blue paints in prehistory (Noelene Cole and Alan Watchman)
61 Stencil art on the Woronora Plateau (Caryll Sefton)
65 Conservation of rock imagery in Australia: funding support, protection projects and related research (Graeme K. Ward)

68 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Patricia Vinnicombe, Robert G. Bednarik and Jan Jelínek

75 Orientation
Minutes of the Second General Meeting of AURA, by Yvonne Forrest – Letter to the Editor – Schipfer Award – Forthcoming events

78 IFRAO Report No. 10
Minutes of the Third Business Meeting of IFRAO, by Robert G. Bednarik – Three new members of IFRAO – Addresses of IFRAO Representatives


Volume 9, Number 2, November 1992

87 Coherence – a constituent of `scenes’ in rock art. The transformation of linguistic analytical models for the study of rock paintings in Namibia
Tilman Lenssen-Erz (Germany); with Comments by Shirley Chesney, John Clegg and Bernard M. J. Huchet, and author’s Reply

106 Investigating the cation-ratio calibration curve: evidence from South Australia
Alan Watchman (Australia)

111 La dichotomie sociale sexuelle dans les figurations humaines magdal‚niennes. Une conception naturaliste … propos du modèle français
Jean-Pierre Duhard (France)

119 First report of digital fluting from Melanesia. The cave art site of Kalate Egeanda, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
Chris Ballard (Australia)

122 A well-dated Palaeolithic cave: the Cosquer Cave at Marseille
Jean Clottes, Jean Courtin and Hèléne Valladas (France)

130 RAR Debates
130 The graphical presentation of statistical data for the assessment of edge angle variance of Palaeolithic `art mobiliar’ engravings, by Maurice P. Lanteigne
131 The study of engraved notches and their statistical analysis, by Francesco d’Errico
132 Diversity and relativity in meaning, by Michel Lorblanchet
134 Carve your name with pride? Visitor behaviour at Blacks Palace art site complex, Central Queensland Highlands, by Luke Godwin
137 Rock art of southern Africa: an under-utilised data base, by H. C. Woodhouse

139 Brief Reports
139 An AMS date for north Queensland rock art (Bruno David)
141 Spanish cave art proved a fake (Paul G. Bahn)

142 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Robert G. Bednarik, Paul G. Bahn, Robin Fletcher and Paul S. C. Taçon

147 Orientation
Second AURA Congress, Academic Keynote Address: Science, and aesthetics, and the promise of rock art, by Jack Steinbring – The Second AURA Congress: a summary – List of congress participants – The Cairns Declaration – Forthcoming conferences – New AURA members

158 IFRAO Report No. 9
Minutes of the Second Business Meeting of IFRAO, by Shirley-Ann Pager – IFRAO draft constitution, by Ben Swartz – IFRAO Business Meetings 1992-1998 – Two new members of IFRAO – RARAC forges ahead in China – RASI rock art festival in India – SIARB education campaign – Busy year for AURA – The founding of IFRAO


Volume 9, Number 1, May 1992

3 ‘Curious drawings’ at Cape York Peninsula. An account of the rock art of the Cape York
Peninsula region of north-eastern Australia and an overview of some regional characteristics Noelene Cole and Bruno David (Australia)

27 Painting with plants. Investigating fibres in Aboriginal rock paintings at Laura, north Queensland
Noelene Cole and Alan Watchman (Australia)

37 RAR Debates
37 An innovative analytical technology: discussion of its present and potential use, by Alexander Marshack
59 A reply to Alexander Marshack, by Francesco d’Errico
65 A reply to Peter Jackson, by Jack Steinbring and Maurice Lanteigne
67 PPEF or ppiffle? by Paul G. Bahn
68 Pefology: a new scientific discipline, by Osaga Odak
69 Ethnographic clarifications: a response to Hromnik and Willcox, by Pieter Jolly
72 A reply to Pieter Jolly, by Cyril A. Hromnik

74 Brief Reports (including one rationale for Cairns symposium)
74 Nurrabullgin – `A mountain, once seen, never to be forgotten’, by John Grainer, Bruno David, Roger Cribb, Bruce White and Hilary Kuhn
77 Management of rock imagery, by B. Ford, G. K. Ward and B. Ware

78 Orientation
CAIRNS ‘92: Final Announcement – Field trips – Notices – The Käthe and Franz Schipfer Foundation

82 IFRAO Report No. 8
The First SARARA International Conference (Maurice P. Lanteigne) – Third Business Meeting of IFRAO – Two new French members of IFRAO – Notices – Threat to Hazaribagh rock art (Robert G. Bednarik)


Volume 8, Number 2, November 1991

83 Microscopic and statistical criteria for the identification of prehistoric systems of notation
Francesco d’Errico (France), with Comment by Robert G. Bednarik, and author’s Reply

94 The use of graffiti in the monitoring of community attitudes towards Aboriginal rock art
M. J. Morwood and Y. Kaiser-Glass (Australia)

99 A testament to the shamanistic hallucinatory trance theory of the southern African rock art
Cyril A. Hromnik (South Africa), with Comment by J. D. Lewis-Williams, and author’s Reply

109 Rock art of Russian Lapland
Vladimir J. Shumkin (Russia)

113 Indigenous art and the limits of social science
Kingsley Palmer (Australia)

119 Palaeolithic art from China
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia) and You Yuzhu (China)

124 RAR Debates
124 San informants on the practice of rock art in the Transkei, South Africa, by A. R. Willcox
127 Style, statistics and the Karolta petroglyphs, by Maurice P. Lanteigne
130 On form and meaning in rock art research, by Bruno David and Josephine Flood
131 Rock painting sizes in the Kimberley and Victoria River District, by Grahame L. Walsh

133 Brief Reports (including rationales for Cairns symposia)
133 Bead-like fossils from an Acheulian occupation site, Israel (N. Goren-Inbar, Z. Lewy and M. E. Kislev)
136 A new petroglyph recording method (Eve Selisaar)
137 The dating of rock art (Alan Watchman and Jack Steinbring)
137 Preservation of rock art (Andrew Thorn and Nicholas Stanley Price)
138 The ethics of rock art research (Robert G. Bednarik and Mario Consens)
138 Workshops on management: indigenous experiences and perceptions

139 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Patricia Vinnicombe, Paul G. Bahn, Bjarne Stig Hansen, Bernard M. J. Huchet, Alicia A. Fernández Distel and Claire Smith

149 Orientation
CAIRNS ‘92: Third Announcement – Notices – New AURA members

154 IFRAO Report No. 7
IIIrd International Rock Art Symposium in Bolivia (Matthias Strecker) – International rock art congress in U.S.A. – 1994 – Notices


Volume 8, Number 1, May 1991

3 A new name for a new discipline
Osaga Odak (Kenya); with Comments by Emmanuel Anati, John Clegg and Mario Consens; with author’s Reply.

13 The petroglyphs of West Yorkshire. Explorations in analysis and interpretation
Jack Steinbring and Maurice Lanteigne (Canada), with Comment by Peter Jackson

29 Rock art at Huashan, Guangxi Province, China
Li Fushun (China)

33 Petroglyphs from central India
R. G. Bednarik (Australia), G. Kumar (India) and G. S. Tyagi (India)

36 A survey of rock art in the Victoria River District, Northern Territory
Howard P. McNickle (New Zealand)

47 RAR Debates
47 A reply to Davidson on Mania and Mania, by Alexander Marshack.
58 Further Comment on Tangri 1989, by Bernard M. J. Huchet, with Reply by Daniel Tangri
61 Carnivore traces or Mousterian skiffle? by Francesco d’Errico, with Reply by Dirk Huyge

65 Brief Reports (Rationales for Cairns symposia)
65 Rock art studies: the post-stylistic era. Where do we go from here? (Michel Lorblanchet and Paul Bahn)
66 Rock art and information exchange (Claire Smith)
68 Rock art studies as a curriculum for teaching (Giriraj Kumar and Osaga Odak)
68 The rock art of the Sahara (Alfred Muzzolini)
69 Spatial considerations in rock art (Paul Faulstich)

70 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by A. R. Willcox, Robert G. Bednarik, Dominique Sacchi and Heino Eelsalu

73 Orientation
CAIRNS ‘92: Second Announcement – Darwin congress proceedings – AURA Exhibition – Membership fees – Chacmool 1990: a post-impressionist view (Maurice P. Lanteigne) – Notices

78 IFRAO Report No. 6
IFRAO Keywords: international standardisation of keywords for rock art (Dario Seglie) – The IFRAO Standard Scale (R. G. Bednarik) – Code of ethics for sample removal – Destruction of rock art sites: IFRAO emergency plan – Rock Art Research Association of China formed (Chen Zhao Fu) – Notices


Volume 7, Number 2, November 1990

83 Investigating 14C AMS: dating prehistoric rock art in the Sydney Sandstone Basin, Australia
Jo McDonald, Kelvin Officer, Tim Jull, Doug Donahue, John Head and Bruce Ford (Australia – U.S.A.)

93 The sheep in Saharan rock art
Alfred Muzzolini (France); with Comments by A. Gautier, Jan Jelínek, François Soleilhavoup and Angela von den Driesch; with author’s Reply

110 The bichrome art period in the Kimberley, Australia
David Welch (Australia); with Comment by Darrell Lewis, and author’s Reply

125 Mousterian skiffle? Note on a Middle Palaeolithic engraved bone from Schulen, Belgium
Dirk Huyge (Belgium)

133 RAR Debates
133 Further Comment on Duhard 1989, by Robert G. Bednarik, with Reply by Jean-Pierre Duhard
140 Further Reply on Mania and Mania 1988, by Dietrich Mania and Ursula Mania

142 Brief Reports
142 Recent rock art research at Laura, north Queensland (Noelene Cole)
143 Some thoughts on spatial organisation in prehistoric rock art (Douglas Mazonowicz)

145 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Michel Lorblanchet, Kalle Sognnes and Robert G. Bednarik

151 Orientation
CAIRNS ‘92: the Second AURA Congress – Pâté with the President – Notices – New AURA members

154 IFRAO Report No. 5
First rock art symposium in Soviet Union – New IFRAO member – Changes in ARARA leadership – India forging ahead – Threat to Cuevas de Borbón, Dominican Republic – Recent and forthcoming events – Rock art tour of the U.S.S.R.


Volume 7, Number 1, May 1990

3 Editorial

4 Palaeolithic pigments in the Quercy, France
Michel Lorblanchet, Michel Labeau, J. L. Vernet, P. Fitte, H. Valladas, H. Cachier and M. Arnold (France)

21 New light on the Niaux paintings
Jean Clottes, Michel Menu and Philippe Walter (France)

27 The identification of cicatrices depicted on anthropomorphs in the Laura region, north Queensland
Bernard M. J. Huchet (Australia)

44 A summary of occurrences of oxalate-rich crusts in Australia
Alan Watchman (Australia)

51 RAR Debates
51 Reply, Nobbs and Dorn 1988, by Margaret F. Nobbs and Ronald I. Dorn
52 Further Comment on Mania and Mania 1988, by Iain Davidson
56 Further Comments on Marshack 1989, by J. B. Deregowski, Jack Steinbring and Maurice Lanteigne, A. R. Willcox, J. D. Lewis-Williams and T. A. Dowson
67 Further Comments on Tangri 1989, by Robert G. Bednarik and Mats P. Malmer; with Reply by Daniel Tangri

74 Brief Reports
74 New dates from Fern Cave, Cape York Peninsula (Bruno David)
75 An Acheulian haematite pebble with striations (Robert G. Bednarik)

76 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Paul G. Bahn, Kalle Sognnes and Howard P. McNickle

78 Orientation
Letters to the editor – Notices – New AURA members

79 IFRAO Report No. 4
Rock Art Society of India formed – IIIrd International Rock Art Symposium in
Bolivia – SARARA Conference 1991 – Cairns ‘92 – Rock art tour of India.


Volume 6, Number 2, November 1989

83 !Science, hypothesis testing and prehistoric pictures
Daniel Tangri (Australia); with Comments by Paul Faulstich, Jarl Nordbladh, Kingsley Palmer and B. K. Swartz; with author’s Reply

96 Judds Cavern: a subterranean Aboriginal painting site, southern Tasmania
Richard Cosgrove and Rhys Jones (Australia)

104 The Post-Graduate Diploma Course in Rock Art Conservation (Alan Watchman)

105 La gestuelle du membre supérieur dens les figurations féminines sculptées paléolithiques
Jean-Pierre Duhard (France), with summary and Comment by Paul G. Bahn; and author’s Reply

118 The Galgenberg figurine from Krems, Austria
Robert G. Bednarik (Australia)

126 The Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies’ Rock Art Protection Program: discussion of the first two years’ projects
Graeme K. Ward (Australia)

139 RAR Debates
139 Further Comments on Mania and Mania 1988, by Phillip J. Habgood, Dietrich Mania and Ursula Mania, and Robert G. Bednarik
145 Further Comments on Nobbs and Dorn 1988, by Maurice P. Lanteigne and John Clegg
149 Further Comment on Marshack 1989, by G. Sauvet

151 Brief Reports
151 An Aboriginal view of rock art management (David Mowaljarlai and Alan Watchman)
153 Prehistoric rock art of southern Cape York Peninsula (Bruno David)
155 The Archaeology of Aboriginal Art in S.E. Cape York: preliminary report on the 1989 fieldwork (Mike Morwood)
156 AURA Explorers Expeditions

157 Orientation
157 Preparations for the Second AURA Congress: first progress report (R. G. Bednarik)
158 The AURA Exhibition: call for proposals
159 Notices

159 IFRAO Report No. 3
160 Archival data sharing network: a response (Clement W. Meighan)


Volume 6, Number 1, May 1989

3 A study of petroglyphs in Qinghai Province, China
Tang Hui-sheng (People’s Republic of China)

11 Groupe d’Etudes, de Recherches et de Sauvegarde de l’Art Rupestre (GERSAR)

12 Colour space transformations for the enhancement of rock art images by computer
Michael R. Rip (U.S.A.), with Comments by Mario Consens and Jeffrey L. Dickman

17 Methodology in the analysis and interpretation of Upper Palaeolithic image: theory versus contextual analysis
Alexander Marshack (U.S.A.); with Comment by J. D. Lewis-Williams and T. A. Dowson

54 The Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Rock Art Protection Program
Graeme K. Ward and Sharon Sullivan (Australia)

63 RAR Debates
Further Comments on Nobbs and Dorn 1988, by John Clarke and Alan Watchman; with Reply by Margaret F. Nobbs and Ronald I. Dorn

68 Brief Reports
68 Plaques as Palaeolithic slates: an experiment to reproduce them (Pamela M. Russell)
69 The status of rock art research in north-western California (E. Breck Parkman)
71 The archaeology of Aboriginal art in S.E. Cape York: a research proposal (Mike Morwood)

73 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Robert G. Bednarik and E. Breck Parkman

77 Orientation
77 Second International Rock Art Symposium in Bolivia (Matthias Strecker)
77 ICOM Working Group on Rock Art Conservation (Andrée Rosenfeld)
78 Notices, AURA Exhibition, Forthcoming rock art events, Second AURA Congress

79 IFRAO Report No. 2
80 Proposed IFRAO projects


Volume 5, Number 2, November 1988

91 Deliberate engravings on bone artefacts of Homo erectus
Dietrich Mania and Ursula Mania (German Democratic Republic); with Comments by Paul G. Bahn, Robert G. Bednarik, Iain Davidson, Whitney Davis, Alexander Gallus and John Halverson; with authors’ Reply.

107 Sociedad de Investigación del Arte Rupestre de Bolivia (SIARB)

108 Age determinations for rock varnish formation within petroglyphs: cation-ratio dating of 24 motifs from the Olary region, South Australia
Margaret F. Nobbs (Australia) and Ronald I. Dorn (U.S.A.); with Comments by Robert G. Bednarik, John Clegg, D. Dragovich, and Steven L. Reneau and Charles D. Harrington; with authors’ Reply.

146 Vishnu Sridhar Wakankar, 4 May 1919 — 3 April 1988. Obituary by S. K. Pandey.

147 Rock pictures of the Chillagoe-Mungana limestone belt, north Queensland
Bruno David and Maree David (Australia)

157 RAR Debates
Further Comments on Gonzalez Garcia 1987, by John Halverson, Reynaldo Gonzalez Garcia and Paul G. Bahn

162 Two videotapes available

163 Brief Reports
163 Reflections on the First AURA Congress (Jack Steinbring)
164 Darwin’s AURA: the congress and the excursion (Paul G. Bahn)
166 The Getty Conservation Institute Course on Rock Art Conservation, Los Angeles, 18–30 April 1988 (Andrée Rosenfeld)

168 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by John Halverson, E. Breck Parkman and Matthias Strecker

171 Orientation
171 Tasmanian hand stencils (R. G. Bednarik)
171 Séminaire international ‘representations préhistoriques’ (Denis Vialou)
171 Notices
172 Letter to the Editor
172 New AURA members

174 IFRAO Report No. 1
174 International Federation of Rock Art Organizations formed (Robert G. Bednarik)
175 Indian Rock Art Research Association formed (S. K. Pandey) – Soviet Union
176 Japan – People’s Republic of China
176 Proposal for an IFRAO archival data sharing network (Maurice P. Lanteigne)


Volume 5, Number 1, May 1988

3 Identifying fish species in the recent rock paintings of western Arnhem Land
Paul S. C. Taçon (A.C.T.)

16 Rock art sequences: a matter of clarification
Frederick D. McCarthy (N.S.W.); with Comments by John Clegg, Bruno Davil, Natalie R. Franklin, Josephine McDonald, Lesley Maynard, David R. Moore, M. J. Morwood, Andrée Rosenfeld and Robert G. Bednarik; with author’s Reply.

43 Engraved ostrich eggshell objects: new evidence of Upper Palaeolithic art in India
Giriraj Kumar, Geeta Narvare and Ramesh Pancholi (India), with Comments by B. D. Nandadeva, Gajendra S. Tyagi and V. S. Wakankar; with authors’ Reply.

54 Arte mobiliar con tradición rupestre en el Sur del Peru
Eloy Linares Mälaga (Peru), with English synopsis and Comment by Roy Querejazu Lewis.

66 Graduate Diploma Course on the Conservation of Rock Art

67 Brief Reports
67 Rock art and prehistory (Paul G. Bahn and Andrée Rosenfeld)
67 Rock art and ethnography (Mike Morwood)
69 Retouch: an option to conservation? (Graeme Ward)
69 First rock paintings in Amazon Basin (Mario Consens, with Editor’s response)
72 The Hupa calendar stones at Takimitlding and Medilding, north-western California (E. Breck Parkman)

75 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by Darrell Lewis, Deborah Rose and Jack Steinbring.

83 Orientation
83 First rock art symposium in Bolivia (Roy Querejazu Lewis) – Seminaire international representations préhistoriques (Denis Vialou) – Rock art session, Annual Meeting of the Society for California Archaeology (E. Breck Parkman)
84 Rock Art Association of Manitoba formed (Jack Steinbring) – Rock Art Association of Hawaii formed – The Rock Art Archive, University of California, Los Angeles
85 Darwin 1988 – Third Announcement, First AURA Congress
88 Notices – Letter to the Editor


Volume 4, Number 2, November 1987

91 Rock art of the Koolburra Plateau, north Queensland
Josephine M. Flood (A.C.T.), with Comments by John Clegg, M. J. Morwood, Andrée Rosenfeld and P. J. Trezise; with author’s Reply

127 Organisation, distribution and typology of the cave art of Monte del Castillo, Spain
Reynaldo Gonzalez Garcia (Spain) With Comments by Paul G. Bahn, Antonio Beltrán, Masaru Ogawa and Jack Steinbring; with author’s Reply

136 Rock art conservation course in California

137 The dating of Zimbabwean rock art
Nicholas J. Walker (United Kingdom)

150 RAR Debates
Remainder of authors’ initial Reply to Comments on Steinbring, Danziger and Callaghan 1987; with further Comments by David S. Whitley and Robert G. Bednarik, and Steinbring’s Reply to Whitley

162 Brief Reports
162 Rock art and ‘archaeopsychology’ — rationale for a symposium (Whitney Davis)
164 Silica skins: a panacea or a dream for rock art conservators (Alan Watchman)

165 Reviews and Abstracts
165 Reviews by Hilary Sullivan, R. G. (Ben) Gunn, Paul G. Bahn and Jack Steinbring
169 Abstracts

170 Orientation
170 The 1987 ARARA Symposium – a landmark in American rock art studies (R. G. Bednarik)
170 VIII Simposium Internacional de Arte Rupestre Americano (R. G. Bednarik)
171 Report of the lCOM Working Group on the Conservation of Rock Art (Andrée Rosenfeld)
171 Rock art session, Third Annual California Indian Conference (William D. Hyder)
172 Australian rock art film launched
172 Fifth International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies, Darwin 1988
172 Asamblea General, SIARB
173 Darwin ‘88 – Second Announcement. First AURA Congress, Darwin, August – September 1988
179 Notices
180 New AURA members


Volume 4, Number 1, May 1987

3 Middle Archaic Petroglyphs in Northern North America
Jack Steinbring (Canada), Eve Danziger (U.S.A.) and Richard Callaghan (Canada); with Comments by A. P. Buchner, Jeffrey L. Dickman, William D. Hyder and L. Loendorf; with part of the authors’ Reply

17 Termite and wasp damage to Australian rock art
J. A. L. Watson and J. M. Flood (A.C.T.), with appendix by I. D. Naumann and J. A. L. Watson

29 Human picturing behaviour and the study of prehistoric pictures
John Clegg (New South Wales)

36 Internal – external: a re-evaluation of the ‘x-ray’ concept in western Arnhem Land rock art
Paul S. C. Taçon (A.C.T.)

51 RAR Debates
51 Further Comment on Bahn 1986, by Georgia Lee; with author’s Reply.

56 Brief Reports
56 The 1986 AURA Franco-Cantabrian Field Trip: summary report (Steve Brown)
60 Arte rupestre e identidad en Arequipa (Eloy Linares Málaga)
63 The Spear Hill Rock Art Complex: an Update (Howard P. McNickle)

65 Reviews and Abstracts
73 Abstracts
81 UCLA Rock Art Publications

82 Orientation
82 Sociedad de Investigación del Arte Rupestre de Bolivia – Southern African Rock Art Research Association
83 Prince Rainier III of Monaco Scholarship – Private grants for field research
84 Conservation information network, The Getty Conservation Institute – Rock art conservation seminar in Spain
85 Darwin 1988: First AURA Congress – North American Subcommittee – 5th International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies
86 ICOM Rock Art Meeting
87 Other forthcoming events – We quote
88 Notices


Volume 3, Number 2, November 1986

99 No Sex, Please, we’re Aurignacians
Paul G. Bahn (England); with Comments by John Clegg, Jean Olottes, Paul Faulstich, Heinz Hunger, and Alexander Marshack; with author’s Reply

121 Stochastic vs emblemic: an archaeologically useful method for the analysis of style in Australian rock art
Natalie R. Franklin (Victoria), with Comments by Whitney Davis, Josephine McDonald, Kelvin Officer, Anne-Marie Pessis, Paul S. C. Taçon, and Bruce Wright; with author’s Reply

141 A plague of locusts, or manna from heaven? Tourists and conservation of cave art in southern France
D. Dragovich (New South Wales); with Comments by Paul G. Bahn, Jacques Brunet, Jean Clottes, Fay Gale, Jane Jacobs, David Lambert, Michel Lorblanchet and François Soleilhavoup; with author’s Reply

158 Rock Art Protection Project by Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies
158 Publications on rock art, University of California, Los Angeles

159 RAR Debates
159 Further Comments on Bednarik 1986, by Elery Hamilton-Smith, Jean Olottes, and Paul Faulstich; with author’s Reply
170 Further Comments on Gale and Jacobs 1986, by Jacques Brunet and Pierre Vidal, Josephine Flood, and Howard P. McNickle; with authors’ Reply
175 Further Comment on Marshack 1985, by Jean Clottes; with author’s Reply.
177 Further Comments on Soleilhavoup 1985, by J. Brunet and J. Vouvé, and François Rambeau; with author’s Reply
184 8th Triennial Meeting of the ICOM Committee for Conservation
184 Rock Art Seminar and Field Trip, Sydney 1987

185 Brief Reports
185 Comments on rock art recording (Clement W. Meighan)
186 Rock art and environment: observations at Depuch Island (Sally E. Minchin)

190 Review

192 Orientation
192 Darwin 1988 – The First AURA Congress
194 Organising the 1988 AURA Congress
195 News in Brief
195 Letter to the Editor
196 New AURA Members


Volume 3, Number 1, May 1986

3 Identifying high-risk visitors at Aboriginal art sites in Australia
Fay Gale and Jane Jacobs (South Australia), with Comments by C. Pearson, B. K. Swartz Jr, Sharon Sullivan, R. G. Gunn and Grahame L. Walsh, with authors’ Reply

19 Rock Art Seminar and Field Trip – Sydney, September 1987

20 The searching intellect of man: map, model, chart
Hugh Cairns (New South Wales), with Comments by John Clegg, George F. Carter, Donald Brook and W. J. Jobling, with author’s Reply

30 Parietal finger markings in Europe and Australia
Robert G. Bednarik (Victoria), with Comments by Whitney Davis, P. G. Bahn, David R. Moore and Alexander Gallus

62 RAR Debates
62 Further Comments on Marshack 1985, by Michel Lorblanchet, Brigitte and Gilles Delluc, and Ann Sieveking, with Alexander Marshack’s Reply to these and previous Comments

82 Further Comment on Soleilhavoup 1985, by Michel Lorblanchet, with François Soleilhavoup’s Reply to this and previous Comments
87 Further Comment on van Ryssen 1985, by N. Walker, with W. J. J. van Ryssen’s Reply to this and previous Comments
90 Who’s Who in Rock Art

91 Reviews and Abstracts

93 Orientation
93 Rock Art Symposium at A.A.A. Conference, Valla Park, November 1985 (David R. Moore)
95 Congreso Internacional de Arte Rupestre – Zaragoza (Fay Gale)
95 Forthcoming events: The World Archaeological Congress, Southampton 1986 – Proposed Franco-Cantabrian field trip by AURA – A.A.A. Conference 1986 – VIII Simposium Internacional de Arte Rupestre Americano – 11th IUPPS Congress, Mainz 1987
96 Notices: private grants – Information exchange arrangements – Cave art tours – Visitors – Subscription dues


Volume 2, Number 2, November 1985

95 Theoretical concepts that lead to new analytic methods, modes of inquiry and classes of data
Alexander Marshack (U.S.A.); with Comments by John Clegg, Paul Faulstich, Robert Layton, David R. Moore, Clement W. Meighan and Jack Steinbring

112 Monitoring visitor behaviour at rock art sites
Fay Gale (South Australia)

118 UCLA Rock Art Archive

119 Les paysages de l’art rupestre de plein air: vers une normalisation des méthodes d’étude et de conservation
François Soleilhavoup (France); with Comments by Josephine Flood, Whitney Davis, F. L. Virili and Andrée Rosenfeld

140 Facts and figures: notes on rock Art in the Mt Isa area, north-western Queensland
M. J. Morwood (New South Wales)

146 The origin of certain images in the rock Art of southern Africa
W. J. J. van Ryssen (South Africa); with Comments by Bruce Wright, L. G. A. Smits, Osaga Odak and David R. Moore

158 Brief Reports
158 Sydney Basin Aboriginal Heritage Study, Stage 1: Rock Engraving, Painting and Drawing Sites (Josephine McDonald)
Mooraa Cave – a preliminary Report (G. D. Aslin and R. G. Bednarik)

166 Reviews and Abstracts
166 Reply by David Groenfeldt
167 Book Reviews
169 Abstracts

171 Orientation
171 The 1985 ARARA Symposium (Robert G. Bednarik)
173 Forthcoming events
174 Harald Pager, 1923 – 1985
175 Introducing: the International Committee on Rock Art (CAR)
176 Proposed AURA field trip to France and Spain
177 Letter to the Editor, and editorial response

New members Recent lectures – Canadian rock art specialist to be invited by AURA – Notices and requests – Errata


Volume 2, Number 1, May 1985

3 The significance of hand motif variations in the stencilled art of the Australian Aborigines
Bruce Wright (New South Wales); with Comments by Paul Faulstich, David R. Moore, R. G. Kimber, W. J. J. Van Ryssen, P. J. Trezise and Whitney Davis
19 Rock paintings on Australian stamps

20 The interpretation of prehistoric art
David Groenfeldt (Sri Lanka); with Comments by L. G. A. Smits, Alexander Gallus, Ann Sieveking, J. L. Dickman, Bruce J. Wright, Donald Brook and John Clegg
47 Film documentary on rock art

48 An introduction to the Spear Hill Rock Art Complex, north-western Australia
Howard P. McNickle (New Zealand); with Comments by Bruce J. Wright and Frederick D. McCarthy

65 The role of conservation techniques in rock art preservation
Paul M. Schwartzbaum (Italy)

71 Brief Reports
71 The ‘Parietal Markings Project’ — a progress report (G. D. Aslin, E. K. Bednarik and R. G. Bednarik)
74 Crocodile I Gallery, Laura (P. J. Trezise)
77 La chronologie de l’art pariétal néolithique Saharien — une note (A. Debaumarché, D. Trias, L. Le Ribault, M. Schvoerer and F. X. Soleilhavoup)

79 Reviews and Abstracts
79 Comments on 1984 RAR papers, by F. X. Soleilhavoup, D. Dragovich, R. G. Bednarik and Margaret Nobbs
83 Abstracts

85 Orientation
85 Conference on prehistoric rock art and archaeoastronomy, U.S.A. (Joseph J. Snyder)
86 Conference on Palaeolithic rock art: research and conservation, France (Josephine Flood)
87 Rock Art Preservation and Management Workshop, Australia
88 Forthcoming events
88 The Devil’s Rock Project
88 The problem of priorities (Les Groube)
89 Letters to the Editor, and editorial response

Subscription dues — Notices and requests


Volume 1, Number 2, November 1984

75 An introduction to rock paintings in Yunnan Province (People’s Republic of China)
Wang Ningsheng (China)

91 Rock art in Olary Province, South Australia
Margaret Nobbs (South Australia)

119 The state of Australian rock art research and conservation in 1980
P. J. Hughes, J. Flood, S. Sullivan, D. Lambert, M. J. Morwood, P. J. F. Coutts, R. G. Gunn, D. A. Gillespie, J. Clarke, W. R. Ambrose and J. L. Gordon

The 1980 Sydney Rock Art Conservation Workshop: opening statement
Rock art problems from the national point of view
New South Wales – rock art 1980
Deterioration of engraved and painted rock surfaces in New South Wales
Aboriginal art sites in Queensland: a summation
Rock art in Victoria
Objectives of the Victorian rock art recording program
Conservation of rock Art sites in the Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory
Rock art conservation — a research project in Western Australia
Site evaluation as a prerequisite to the management of art sites
A review of surface treatments for stone

141 Brief Reports
141 Preliminary report on the rock art of Ipoh, Malaysia (P. Faulstich)
142 Koorine Cave, South Australia (G. D. Aslin and R. G. Bednarik)

145 Reviews and Abstracts
With contributions by P. Faulstich, R. G. Gunn and A. Rosenfeld

150 Orientation
150 Xlth U.J.S.P.P. Congress
150 ARARA Symposia
151 Introducing: ARARA
152 Events
152 Letters to the Editor

Membership List – Statistical analysis of responses to Questionnaires – Notices and requests


Volume 1, Number 1, May 1984

3 Editorial

5 Variation in style and distribution of rock engravings in the Pilbara region (Western Australia).
Howard P. McNickle (New Zealand)

25 An image digitising and storage system for use in rock art research
Jeffrey L. Dickman (California)
35 Rock art summer school

36 Karlie-ngoinpool Cave: a preliminary report
Geoffrey D. Aslin (South Australia) and Robert G. Bednarik (Victoria)

46 Research needs for physical conservation of rock art
G. S. Gibbons (New South Wales)

50 Reviews and Abstracts

54 Orientation
54 Report of a meeting on rock art conservation (A. Rosenfeld, J. Golson, W. R. Ambrose and P.
60 Report of the XIth ICAES Congress (R.G. Bednarik)
63 Rock art conservation and the Australian Bicentennial (J. Golson)
64 Introducing: the ACASPP
65 Rock art conference in Canada
65 Petroglyphs stolen in Canada
66 Easter Island Congress
66 XIth Congress of the Union Internationale des Sciences Préhistoriques et Protohistoriques
67 Archaeological Tours
68 Second Australian Archaeometry Conference
68 Canadian Journal of Rock Art
68 Letters to the Editor

70 AURA News
Terminology – First General Meeting – Logo – ‘Registered Members’ – Membership and subscriptions – Request