Petroglyphs at Al Usayla, central Arabia.

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The introduction of direct dating in 1980. Not previously published, PDF file, 577 KB.

Dating Australian rock-markings: an interdisciplinary challenge. An overview by Graeme K. WARD and Claudio TUNIZ.

New dating evidence from the Coa valley, Portugal. First presented in July 2000 at the Third AURA Congress in Alice Springs, PDF file, 626 KB.

Petroglyphs in Italian Alps dated. First published in Acta Archaeologica in Volume 72, 2001. PDF file, 278 KB.

First dating of Pilbara petroglyphs. First published in Records of the Western Australian Museum in Volume 20, 2002. PDF file, 645 KB.

The dating of rock art: a critique, Journal of Archaeological Science 29(11): 1213-1233 (2002).

Antiquity and authorship of the Chauvet rock art, 2007, PDF file of 651 KB.

Experimental colorimetric analysis of petroglyphs, 2009, a PDF file of 2.86 MB.

Fluvial erosion of inscriptions and petroglyphs at Siega Verde, Spain, 2009, PDF file of 2.39 MB.

Developments in petroglyph dating, a 2010 paper by R. G. Bednarik, PDF file, 898 KB.

Dating of rock paintings in the Wadeye-Fitzmaurice region, Northern Territory, by A. Watchman, G. G. Ward, M. Crocombe and K. Mulvaney, PDF file, 815 KB.

The use of weathering indices in rock art science, a methodological review by R. G. Bednarik, PDF file of 1.4 MB.

Mud-wasp nests and rock art , addressing the dating of wasp nests, PDF file, 780 KB.

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