Standing on the shoulders of giants / Sulle spalle dei giganti

VALCAMONICA Darfo-Boario Terme (BS) Italia

 29 August – 2 September 2018

The Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici (CCSP) and the Società Cooperativa Archeologica “Le Orme dell’Uomo” (Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative Society) have the pleasure to invite you to the 20th International Rock Art Congress which will be held in Valcamonica (Italy) from 29th of August to 2nd of September 2018.
This major event takes place 50 years after the first ‘Valcamonica Symposium’, marking 30 years since the foundation of IFRAO and the 30th anniversary of the Footsteps of Man Archaeological Cooperative Society.
The congress will cover a range of topics relevant to rock art, archaeology, culture and society, from its first appearance to current forms. During five days, leading experts in the field, researchers along with young scholars and enthusiasts, will gather and present the latest results and studies on rock art, rupestrian archaeology and other relevant research fields on Pleistocene and Holocene palaeoart of all over the world. More than 30 sessions, workshops, key lectures, exhibitions, visits with live streaming of certain events are being planned. Excursions before and after the congress, in Valcamonica and to others areas of the Alps, are also being programmed.
The organisers invite session proposals, each led by at least two and a maximum of four people from at least two different countries and organisations. The accepted sessions will be chaired by at least two people attending the congress. The chairpersons of each of the sessions will be asked to promote, invite speakers, coordinate the presentation of papers and edit the session proceedings.
Session proposals should reach the congress secretariat by 15 January 2017. The scientific committee will meet on January 31 and the list of chosen sessions will be published.

On behalf of he organising committee we hope to see you in Valcamonica.

Angelo Fossati – General Secretary

Mila Simões de Abreu cialis pas cher (CCSP) and Andrea Arcà (Footsteps of Man) – Scientific Coordinators

For more information: ifrao2018@ccsp.it


List of IFRAO Congresses
1. 1988 Darwin, Australia, held by AURA
2. 1991 Cathedral Peak, South Africa, held by SARARA
3. 1992 Cairns, Australia, held by AURA
4. 1994 Flagstaff, U.S.A., held by ARARA
5. 1993 New Delhi, India, held by RASI
6. 1995 Turin, Italy, held by CeSMAP
7. 1996 Windhoek, Namibia, held by SARARA
8. 1997 Cochabamba, Bolivia, held by SIARB
9. 1998 Vila Real, Portugal, held by APAAR
10. 1999 Ripon, Wisconsin, U.S.A., held by ARARA
11. 2000 Alice Springs, Australia, held by AURA
12. 2004 Agra, India, held by RASI
13. 2006 Lisbon, Portugal, held by APAAR
14. 2009 Capivara National Park, Brazil, held by ABAR
15. 2010 Foix, France, held by ARAPE
16. 2012 La Paz, Bolivia, held by SIARB
17. 2013 Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.A., held by ARARA
18. 2014 Guyang City, China, held by RARAC
19. 2015 Cacères, Spain, held by CCB and ACINEP
20. 2018 Darfo-Boario Terme, Italy, held by CCSP and Soc. Coop. Arch. Le Orme dell’Uomo

The following conference immediately preceded the IFRAO Congress of 2018:

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