For the purposes of research and comprehensive information, this page provides access to the following publications and reports about the Dampier Archipelago and nearby places:

Reports and scientific papers about the rock art:

Dampier rock art under siege, 1994, AURA Newsletter 1(2): 14-15.

Submission to Senator Dr Bob Brown, Leader of the Greens, 9 February 2011, by R. G. Bednarik, on behalf of IFRAO and AURA

Of turtles in particular: a distributional study of an archaeological landscape in southern Murujuga, 2008, Rock Art Research 25(2): 147-164, by R. G. Gunn and K. Mulvaney.

The science of Dampier rock art – part 1, 2007, Rock Art Research, by Robert G. Bednarik

Dampier fact sheets, 2006, AURA Newsletter 23(2), by Robert G. Bednarik.

The ‘Assistant Undertaker’ of Dampier rock art, 2006, AURA Newsletter 23(2), by Robert G. Bednarik.

Archaeology and rock art in the Dampier Archipelago, August 2006, a report for the National Trust (WA), by Caroline Bird and Sylvia J. Hallam.

Proposal for Dampier, 2005, Occasional AURA Publication 14, by Robert G. Bednarik

The survival of Murujuga (Burrup) petroglyphs, 2002, Rock Art Research 19(1): 29-40, by Robert G. Bednarik

Petroglyphs of the Dampier Archipelago: background to development and descriptive analysis, 2002, Rock Art Research 19(1): 3-27, by Patricia Vinnicombe.

Rock art of the Dampier Archipelago, Aluminium (Comalco Ltd) 7, Dec. 1972, anonymous.

Report on the Aboriginal engravings and flora and fauna of Depuch Island, Western Australia, 1964, Western Australian Museum Special Publication 2, by Ride, Crawford, Storr, Berndt and Royce.


Reports on industrial development at or near Dampier:

Dampier Port Development Plan 2007 (draft), May 2007.

Armour-stone investigation north of King Bay, Burrup Peninsula, Western Australia, 1998, Geological Survey of Western Australia, by S. J. Brice and P. B. Abeysinghe.

Hamersley’s first decade, 1976, and overview of early development at Dampier.

The Pilbara study, 1974, Department of Industrial Development, Western Australia (33 MB!).

The Pilbara: a development concept for the 1970’s. 1972, Department of Development and Decentralisation, Western Australia.