This image is presumed to be of the extinct thylacine. If plans to destroy Dampier rock art are allowed to proceed, it will become extinct as well.


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The following general discussion or research articles deal with current issues in rock art research. Please open these papers by clicking on the links, but note that these are large files that take a little time to load. Thank you for your patience.

A. Open Access articles

Open Access articles in Arts, special issue on World Rock Art, over 35 articles published.
Open Access article in Humanities, The origins of human modernity, PDF file of 1.25 MB.
Open Access article in Advances in Anthropology, African Eve: hoax or hypothesis, PDF file of 563 KB.
Open Access article in Advances in Anthropology, The beginnings of maritime travel, PDF file of 1.61 MB.
Open Access article in Progress in Arts and Humanities, Paleoart on the Lower Paleolithic, PDF file of 552 KB.


B. Rock art articles

Large geometric patterns from the Middle Stone Age in aeolianites on the Cape south coast, South Africa, by Charles W. Helm, Hayley C. Cawthra, Jan C. De Vynck, Carina J. Z. Helm, Renee Rust and Willo Stear; PDF file, 1.3 MB.
The Supplementary Online Materials (Table 1)  of the paper ‘Looking up and looking down: pigment chemistry as a chronological marker in the Sydney Basin rock art assemblage, Australia’ by JILLIAN HUNTLEY (see RAR 32: 142).
The Supplementary Online Materials (Table 2) of the paper ‘Looking up and looking down: pigment chemistry as a chronological marker in the Sydney Basin rock art assemblage, Australia’ by JILLIAN HUNTLEY (see RAR 32: 142).
The rock paintings of Arnhem Land, Australia: social, ecological, and material culture change in the post-glacial period, by DARRELL LEWIS, revised 2nd edition published November  2014 (1st edition 1988). Complete volume, 410 pages, heavily illustrated, with references list. PDF file, 51.9 MB.
The implications of a new corpus of late Bronze Age petroglyphs in the Forêt de Fontainebleau for dating local rock art, by DUNCAN CALDWELL. Rock Art Research, Volume 32, Number 2, pp. 178-192, 2015.
Cupules: the oldest surviving rock art, PDF file, 584 KB.
Fluvial erosion of inscriptions and petroglyphs at Siega Verde, Spain, in JAS, PDF file, 2.22 MB.
Cultural heritage management, ethics and rock art in Western Australia, in Australian Aboriginal Studies, PDF file, 115 KB.
Fanklin’s Appendix 1 of ‘Visitor books in the management of rock art sites: an evaluation using Carnarvon Gorge as a test case, by Natalie R. Franklin, in Rock Art Research, Vol. 28(2), November 2011.
Ward : Rock-markings and sustainable Indigenous Australian cultural heritage tourism, PDF file of 2.08 MB, by Graeme K. Ward, first published in 2007.
Lower Palaeolithic rock art of India and its global context. 2007, PDF file, 650 KB.
Concerns in rock art science. PDF file, 389 KB.
From circle and square to the image of the world, Part 1 of a paper by F. Berger, republished from Rock Art Research.
From circle and square …, Part 2 of the paper by F. Berger.
Palaeoart on Indian territory, by A. Faradjev, in Russian. PDF file, 343 KB.
The Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Rock Art Protection Program, by Graeme K. Ward and Sharon Sullivan, 1989, Rock Art Research 6(1): 54-62.
The Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies Rock Art Protection Program: discussion of the first two years’ projects, by Graeme K. Ward, 1989, Rock Art Research 6(2): 126-138.
Response to the Cairns Declaration: a code of ethics for AURA, by Noelene Cole and Graeme K. Ward, 2000, Rock Art Research 17(1): 72-75.
Sustainable rock art tourism, by Graeme K. Ward, PDF file.
Australian papers from the Agra rock art conference, by Graeme K. Ward, 2010, Rock Art Research 27(2): 207-209.
Rock paintings near Wadeye, Northern Territory, Australia: site management and educational aspects of research and tourism, by Graeme K. Ward and Mark Crocombe, 2010, Rock Art Research 27(2): 229-237.
The role of AIATSIS in research and protection of Australian rock art, by Graeme K. Ward, 2011, Rock Art Research 28(1): 7-16.
Gwion artists and Wunan law: the origin of society in Australia, by Jeff Doring with Paddy Nyawarra, 2014, Rock Art Research 31(1): 3-13.
The little-known Fitzmaurice Region ‘wine-red’ pictograms, by Graeme K. Ward and Mark Crocombe, 2014, Rock Art Research 31(1): 14-30.
Preliminary results of the EIP Project, reporting the oldest known rock art in the world, PDF file.
Megafauna depictions in Australian rock art, a review of such claims, PDF file, 2.35 MB.
Three-dimensional modelling of rock art, a paper about advanced rock art recording using image-based digital modelling, by Plets, Verhoeven, Cheremisim, Plets, Bourgeois, Stichelbaut, Gheyle and De Reu, PDF file, 2.5 MB.
Discovery of major rock art province in central China, first report by Tang Huisheng, PDF file, 2.23 MB.
Australian rock art of the Pleistocene, By Robert G. Bednarik, PDF file of 1.51 MB.
Columbian mammoth petroglyphs from the San Juan River near Bluff, Utah, United States, by Ekkehart Malotki and Henry D. Wallace, PDF file of 1.41 MB.


C. Cave art articles

The cave petroglyphs of Australasia, a detailed review of this phenomenon. PDF file, 386 KB.
Cave table, a list of the known cave art sites of Australia.
CAR 1, 2001
CAR 2, 2002
CAR 3, 2003
CAR 4, 2004
CAR 5, 2005
CAR 6, 2006
CAR 7, 2007
CAR 8, 2008


D. Rock art dating

Direct dating results from rock art: a global review (1997), by Robert G. Bednarik. AURA Newsletter, Volume 14, Number 2, September 1997, pp. 9-12.
Bibliography of rock art dating (2012), by Marvin W. Rowe. Rock Art Research, Volume 29, Number 1, pp. 118-131, 2012.
Bibliography of rock art dating: 2012-2020, by Leigh Marymor and Marvin W. Rowe. Rock Art Research, Volume 38, Number 1, pp. 101-116, 2021.
Dating Australian rock-markings: an interdisciplinary challenge, by G. K. Ward and C. Tuniz, 2000, in G. K. Ward and C. Tuniz, Advances in dating Australian rock-markings: papers from the First Australian Rock-Picture Dating Workshop, pp. 9-21. Occasional AURA Publication 10, Australian Rock Art Research Association, Inc., Melbourne.
The introduction of direct rock art dating in 1980, PDF file, 577 KB.
Petroglyphs in Italian Alps dated, PDF file, 278 KB.
First dating of Pilbara petroglyphs, PDF file, 645 KB.
Dating evidence from the Coa valley, Portugal. PDF file, 626 KB.
The dating of rock art: a critique, Journal of Archaeological Science 29(11): 1213-1233 (2002).
Antiquity and authorship of the Chauvet rock art, 2007, PDF file of 651 KB.
Experimental colorimetric analysis of petroglyphs, 2009, a PDF file of 2.86 MB.
Fluvial erosion of inscriptions and petroglyphs at Siega Verde, Spain, 2009, PDF file of 2.39 MB.
Developments in petroglyph dating, a 2010 paper by R. G. Bednarik, PDF file, 898 KB.
Dating of rock paintings in the Wadeye-Fitzmaurice region, Northern Territory, by A. Watchman, G. G. Ward, M. Crocombe and K. Mulvaney, PDF file, 815 KB.
The use of weathering indices in rock art science, a methodological review by R. G. Bednarik, PDF file of 1.4 MB.
Mud-wasp nests and rock art , addressing the dating of wasp nests, PDF file, 780 KB.


E.The rock art of Dampier, Australia

The Dampier campaign, a 2011 report of the largest campaign in history to preserve rock art, PDF file of 1.4 MB.
The science of Dampier rock art – part 1, PDF file of 2.4 MB, from November 2007 issue of Rock Art Research.
Proposal for Dampier: Towards a resolution of the problems facing the Dampier Archipelage, Western Australia, a PDF file.
Report in Minerva, a small PDF file.
Report in Australian Geographic, a small PDF file.
CSIRO: Dampier rainwater as acidic as beer, a PDF file.
Archeologica Viva, a small PDF file in Italian.
The Dampier Rock Art Precinct, Western Australia, in L’art parietal: conservation mise en valeur communication, pp. 187–198. Edited by the Société des Amis du Musée National de Préhistoire et de la Recherche Archéologique (SAMRA), Lez Eyzies, France. PDF of 1.81 KB.
Dampier rock art under siege, 1994, AURA Newsletter 1(2): 14-15.
Submission to Senator Dr Bob Brown, Leader of the Greens, 9 February 2011, by R. G. Bednarik, on behalf of IFRAO and AURA
Of turtles in particular: a distributional study of an archaeological landscape in southern Murujuga, 2008, Rock Art Research 25(2): 147-164, by R. G. Gunn and K. Mulvaney.
Dampier fact sheets, 2006, AURA Newsletter 23(2), by Robert G. Bednarik.
The ‘Assistant Undertaker’ of Dampier rock art, 2006, AURA Newsletter 23(2), by Robert G. Bednarik.
Archaeology and rock art in the Dampier Archipelago, August 2006, a report for the National Trust (WA), by Caroline Bird and Sylvia J. Hallam.
The survival of Murujuga (Burrup) petroglyphs, 2002, Rock Art Research 19(1): 29-40, by Robert G. Bednarik
Petroglyphs of the Dampier Archipelago: background to development and descriptive analysis, 2002, Rock Art Research 19(1): 3-27, by Patricia Vinnicombe.
Rock art of the Dampier Archipelago, Aluminium (Comalco Ltd) 7, Dec. 1972, anonymous.
Report on the Aboriginal engravings and flora and fauna of Depuch Island, Western Australia, 1964, Western Australian Museum Special Publication 2, by Ride, Crawford, Storr, Berndt and Royce.
Inadequacies of research used to monitor change to rock art and regulate industry on Murujuga (‘Burrup Peninsula’), Australia, Rock Art Research, Volume 34, Number 2, pp. 130-148, by John L. Black, Ilona Box and Simon Diffey, 2017.
The impact of industrial pollution on the rock art of Murujuga, Western Australia, Rock Art Research, Volume 39, Number 1, pp. 3-14, by Benjamin W. Smith, John L. Black, Stéphane Hœrlé, Marie A. Ferland, Simon M. Diffey, Jolam T. Neumann and Thorsten Geisler; 2022.
Editorial referring to the above paper, Rock Art Research, Volume 34, Number 2, pp. 123-129.


F. Other palaeoart articles

The earliest evidence of palaeoart, by R. G. Bednarik, with comments by 12 scholars. PDF file, 912 KB.
A global perspective of Indian palaeoart, a PDF file
Emergence of palaeoart in sub-Saharan Africa, by P. B. Beaumont and R. G. Bednarik, PDF file, 4.85 MB.
Palaeoart of the Lower Palaeolithic, 2011, PDF file of 1.56 KB.
The Middle Palaeolithic engravings from Oldisleben, Germany, 2006, PDF file of 2.18 KB.
Beads and cognitive evolution, November 2008, PDF file of 3.17 KB.


G. Archaeology articles

The epistemology of Pleistocene archaeology, a series of 8 lectures at Semiotics Institute Online, University of Toronto, presented from March to October 2008.
Pedogenetic dating of loess strata, in JAS, PDF file, 1.1 MB.
Sorting the ibex from the goats in Portugal. PDF file, 466 KB.
Palaeolithic cave art in Britain?, a brief discussion of a new discovery in Derbyshire, England.
Finger-counting in the Upper Palaeolithic, by Karenleigh A. Overmann, PDF file, 959 KB.


H. Human evolution articles

The mythical moderns, a review of the ‘African Eve’ bungle, 2008, PDF file of 252 KB.
The domestication of humans, a revolutionary theory of human origins, 2008, PDF file of 635 KB.
 An etiology of Theory of Mind in deep time, a review in Theory of Mind: development in children, brain mechanisms and social implications, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., New York, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-63463-856-2
Are Neanderthal portraits wrong?, a PDF file of 519 MB, by Duncan Caldwell, first published in Rock Art Research in 2008.
Afterthoughts about the Neanderthal insulation hypothesis, a PDF file of 276 MB, by Duncan Caldwell, first published in AURA Newsletter in 2008.
Children as Pleistocene artists, PDF file of 682 KB, first published in Rock Art Research, Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 173-182, Nov. 2008.
The maritime dispersal of Pleistocene humans, PDF file, 392 KB.
Traces of the ancients, ethnographic study of the Jarawas in the Andaman islands and their graphic art, by R. G. Bednarik and M. Sreenathan, PDF file, 2.27 MB.
On the cognitive developments of hominids, PDF file, 376 KB.
The human ascent: a critical review, an epistemological perspective of 2002, PDF file of 483 KB.
Evolutionary origins of brain disorders in Homo sapiens sapiens, in Brain Research Journal, Volume 3, Number 2, pp. 113-139, 2011, PDF file, 13.3 MB.


H. Theoretical articles

The Lower and Middle Palaeolithic origins of semiotics, PDF file, 264 KB.
Application of philosophy of science in rock art research (2003).
Metamorphology: in lieu of uniformitarianism (2002).
Crisis in Palaeolithic art studies (2002).
To be or not be Palaeolithic, that is the question, a review of Palaeolithic age claims, PDF file of 3.88 MB.
A taphonomy of palaeoart, PDF file, 347 KB.
Taphonomic logic for dummies, PDF file, 45 KB.
Boundaries: editorial in Semiotic Review (1998).
Ethnographic analogy in rock art interpretation, A Word file (2002).
A unified theory for palaeoart studies, PDF file, 157 KB.
Neuroscience and the representation of anthropomorphs in palaeoart, by Ben Watson, PDF file, 783 KB.
Ethnographic analogy in rock art interpretation, a review of such practices, 2011, PDF file of 37.3 KB.
Exograms, an article from Rock Art Research, PDF of 768 KB.
Unstable orthodoxies in archaeology, a review of human modernity and the epistemology of mainstream archaeology, by Jason R. Thompson, with comments by nine scholars, PDF file, 990 KB.
Myths about rock art, in Journal of Literature and Art Studies, August 2013, Vol. 3, No. 8, 482-500. PDF file, 293 KB.
The Morellian method and its potential in rock art research, in Rock Art Research, Vol. 34, No. 2, pp. 193-205, 2017, by R. G. (ben) Gunn and Susan Lowish, PDF file, 1.14 MB.

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